CS:GO Pro's Answer: How has Covid-19 impacted you and Counter-Strike?


We asked several CS:GO pro’s and analysts “CS:GO Pro’s Answer: How has Covid-19 impacted you and Counter-Strike?”. Comment below and let us know your thoughts and make sure to tell us why!

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CS:GO Pro’s Answer: How has Covid-19 impacted you and Counter-Strike?

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  1. RivalryCSGO says

    New questions, new players and even longer videos. Thanks for supporting the channel during these hard times. Enjoy the content lads!

  2. bobtherobert #loveHL says

    scream looks kind…..


  3. Lec Segundo says

    Styko here reminds me of that inspiring guy without arms and legs and doing motivational talks around the world,….
    *I don't mean any disrespect to anyone of them

  4. Rıdvan Bilgiç says

    Wait, shox is married?!?

    My mind is blown bruh 🤯

  5. Discryptency says

    Looks like ScreaM took away a lot of the beard from Krimz 😂

  6. JR says

    Imagine travelling around the world constantly to play the game that you love since you were 14. What a dream. Damm I would love that. The experiences, the story be told.

  7. Crew says

    Did not expect ScreaM lol

  8. Aidoge says

    Scream looks like he's wearing a halloween costume

  9. J R says

    Why does Acillion sound like a robot?

  10. DanskSvanE says

    Coldzera get u a new mic, it's shit 😂

  11. Andra Sense says

    holy shieet, scream looks very different now xD
    Papa Krimz looks wise in his words 🙂

  12. nolifer 360 says

    Flusha: hax stil work when its laging

  13. Asylbek Sulaimanovv says

    2:06 meanwhile Flusha playing at home with cheats

  14. SparklMastr says

    Coldzera toothbrush

  15. jerkkub says

    NBK says "O" like a Canadian

  16. Google User says

    China sucks!! After destroying worlds economy,they are ready for wars with their neighbours.

  17. Victor Tlaes says

    We expect small videos, you guys could have divided it

  18. rain artz says

    Styko the best igl in the galaxy.

  19. Vinit Motghare says

    Coldzera living in Bosnia??

  20. Linhard Inso says

    Apex headphone?

  21. Robert L. says

    ScreaMMMMM 🙂

  22. Deadchannel says

    why is scream relevant to cs go in 2020?

  23. Deadchannel says

    golden really sounds like twistzz

  24. Albbäck says

    Acilion is a 🤖

  25. Hikkie says

    Pros getting cucked confirmed.

  26. KuNa says

    apex has lost weight good for him

  27. G3rvee says

    NBK be looking like a viking tho

  28. Markus Göthberg says

    Valde sounds exactly like gla1ve wtf

  29. 09.Muhammad Dhafa Akbar Haririe says

    flusha the peanuts

  30. nibbward tentacles says

    This channel needs more subs. Such underrated contents that are worth watching

  31. Bryan's Vlogs says

    Great video

  32. DUNEMEISTER says

    Shox has one of the strongest french accents ever

  33. Pratyush Ranjan says

    All French people are growing beards? NBK , ScreaM

  34. Night Reaper says

    Dont ask ScreaM anymore please

  35. Din Kat says

    does anyone know where the different faze guys live?

  36. M Urwah Shahid says

    Great work …

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