1. JustCallMeBryan_ says

    She is basically the karen of cooking

  2. Karen Lee says

    Remind me not to cook in a place like that lol ha ha ha,, I am not sure if I would want to cook for Gordon Ramsay either,, he's able to come back and yell it's raw, LOL ha ha ha,,

  3. David Delarosa says

    What a bitch

  4. Purpleganggang says

    Every time cece is on screen I get depression

  5. Moodie pink says

    0:47 where is the lipstick????!!!!!!!!

  6. Might King says

    i love how the comment section is just roasting her nonstop

  7. Ian Farquhar says

    She's a total Bitch about things. That's not funny

  8. Raxt Pack says

    Why is the whole McDonald menu yelling at gordan Ramsay

  9. Lucas B says


  10. 흐린 - {Cloudii ツ} says

    At the very end of the video I heardwhat do you keep in here?..NINOOOOO!!

  11. Poop Poop says

    ✨⭐️?“?????’? ??? ??????“✨⭐️?

  12. Osazeme Enodolomwanyi says

    Why don't they just fire her

  13. Lizzie says

    mrs. potato big madddddddd

  14. ARAXØ says

    0:59 now thats a bicep

  15. Face Mask says

    1:43 I guess the customers also QUICKLY sent it out too.

  16. Suzanna says

    Im sorry but the end card.."So what you keep in here?" "NINOOOo"

  17. Ala says

    Can CeCe just fuck off? She doesn’t look like she’s passionate about it

  18. BUTTER CATBOI says

    The thumbnail looks like it has eyes ?.

  19. banana man 2188 says

    She says she can do it, yet she got on this show for the soul reason of getting help. ?

  20. Hubert Sean says

    Everytime Gordon goes into a restaurant. Customers: *suddenly a food critic

  21. n_wordmassV.3 .ͤ̀͋ says

    Yall cant lie, the thumbnail looks like this ??? Almost

  22. Asan Davis says

    its the eyebrows for me.

  23. Peter Griffin says

    princess ballena

  24. Peter Griffin says

    The 10ton ballena just said that Gordon has a BIG HEAD? REALLY?

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