hello loveliesss!
today i decided to explore the new roblox game called OVERLOOK BAY!
play overlook bay here:

☆.。.:*roblox name.。.:*☆
itsakeila (unfortunately i cannot add anyone back since theres a 200 friend limit and i wouldn’t be able to add everyone back)

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☆.。.:*snapchat .。.:*☆

☆.。.:*business inquiry’s ONLY.。.:*☆

☆.。.:*questions i get a lot.。.:*☆
how old are you? 19
editor? final cut pro
camera? canon rebel t5i
how i make my thumbnails?
screen recorder? open broadcaster studio

☆.。.:*music information.。.:*☆
intro & outro song: “Sweat on me” by the Tape machines ft. Vicki Vox

royalty free music:

all song credit and edits go to the artist/owners!
Copyright Disclaimer, Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for ‘fair use’ for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

#roblox #overlookbay

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  1. Gigi and Mimi says

    Me: watching her in peace…~ad comes on~Me: LUGHSAVDKGKSHJMBSND

  2. RomansZolanski says


  3. Cecilie Hansen says

    Hii akeila!! love u so much❤️ u are my favorite youtuber thank u so much for inspiring me to play roblox i would love! To see more of (overlook Bay) videos. hope u are doing Well much love from Cecilie???

  4. Lara Lombardi says

    Tmr im gona check put that game✨⚡️?

  5. Sophia Shi says

    What’s the group called in discord srry for being annoying

  6. David Hutchinson says

    I love your vido becuse i like you play good games

  7. Itz Lexzoria says

    aw i couldn't comment bc i had to go somewhere 🙁

  8. AriTheGamer says

    I can’t even believe overlook bay costs robux, like that’s how u loose players

  9. Laah Games Blox says

    Akeila it's so perfectttt ????

  10. sxnlixia says

    OMG MY NAME IS COCO c: 4:38

  11. Abbey Mayers says

    I laughed so hard when your car was flipping over ???

  12. Chxrry Glo5s says

    I know the game was inspired by animal crossing and adopt me but I just realized how much the trees looks like the trees in animal crossing ?

  13. ii_milah says

    OMG SHYSJAQKIM when the “poke ball cat” came out it went ??? disappears

  14. Caroline Rush says

    Hi Akeila, I just want to say that I luuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvv your vids! I have always wanted to be in your game but your game is always full ? I seriously am your biggest fan! I would luv to get in your game someday. You are my fav YouTuber of all time! And I hope you see this lol prob not tho.. ?

  15. Michael Sainovski says

    #overlook bay

  16. Simply French says

    Akeila: I'm kinda hungryGoes to diner Also akeila:I'm going to save this for later I'm not really hungry ?

  17. annie lopez says

    this gam is basicly coping adopt me lol

  18. Llama Plays says

    Sub to me or me will steal your cookies lol

  19. christine solomon says

    12:4 made m laugh so hard

  20. Bubblez says

    I love you so much☺️??

  21. Linde Bertels says

    Akeila screaming bc of the car: me with headphones:0-o

  22. zas shahzad says

    Hi if you know adopt me my sis got scammed for her parrot fly ride if you can help us get it back that will be very kind and helpful!!:> :< soo PLEASE help us!! TvTShe's crying and I can't help her

  23. Luna lost says

    Does anyone else get animal crossing vibes from this?

  24. savannah a. says

    Child, you scared me?????

  25. Little kindles says

    Me: Sees akeila like everybodys comments Also me:~Types shababaso will do it:p~

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