Dakar Rally 18 The Game – Exclusive First Look. Best Offroad Game Of The Moment


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  1. Grupo Friends says


  2. Mike Shirley says

    Dakar 18 Roadbooks are powered by Rally Navigator. Make your own Roadbooks at http://www.rallynavigator.com

  3. Topzu 06 says

    Seems real good, but the graphics cant be so bad, can they?

  4. Ricardo Fontes says


  5. idan124 says

    what a shitty graphics compare to trailer xD

  6. MrPillsbury310 says

    I can’t wait for this game Just by seeing the drivers makes me want to get it

  7. T3KKANッ says

    Will it be a sim?

  8. mais4u says

    2004 called, they whant there game back

  9. 98763 says

    Pure trash, if ur looking for a decent rally/off road experience, get crew 2 or dirt 4/rally

  10. cmcarter 55 says

    Looks fun but the graphics kinda don't look good but I don't really care that much it looks fun

  11. gordon says

    this looks like super fun game

  12. Partypaddo says

    Those graphics????

  13. lambomanv says


  14. Plauze says

    Best Offroad Game at the Moment? All i see is a lot of Work in Progress.


    Wow this looks super realistic!!Can't wait to play it!!

  16. Mathias says

    Will this be for playstation 1 ? I also got Sega Dreamcast..

  17. GLEN 180 says

    take my money now

  18. IvanTheTerrible9 says

    They must add lots of dust

  19. Rodrigo Chumpitazi says

    It would be able to sim racing?

  20. danilll says


  21. barry dingle says

    Can you get out and run to the finish line like Rickey bobby?

  22. Bailey says

    Graphics look so bad but the physics seem like they are going to very realistic ??

  23. Doly FM says

    Looks like pubg when turned to a racing game

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