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Dallas – Soak up the southern charm in this Texan city. Here you’ll find a mix of modern edge and wild west roots; check out the best of Dallas.

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Welcome to #Dallas, also called “The Big D,” part of the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metroplex of 6.5 million people.

Whether you’re looking for arts, technology, or culture, a Dallas #vacation has a little bit of everything. Stroll through the Dallas Museum of Art and the Nasher Sculpture Center to take in their creative works, followed by a trip up to the top of the Reunion Tower for a breathtaking view of the city.

Dallas #sightseeing must include the underwater passages of the Dallas World Aquarium. You can also scream your way through over 100 rides at Six Flags, or explore the history of the cowboy way at Pioneer Plaza.

A fine Texas day comes to an end with steak, dancing, and mingling with friendly locals who have hearts as big as the state itself.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. Jake Howie says

    I mean if New York was about 1/10th of the size. The only"city" area of Dallas is downtown and uptown Dallas, as well asdowntown Fort Worth. Frisco, Plano, Mckinney and Highland Village are niceareas, though more expensive. The rest is surburbs and undeveloped grassland orcountryside. Dallas is growing quickly though with suburbs and new communitieseverywhere. It is not exactly Tuscany in Italy though, Brisbane in Australia orthe beauty of parts of California. It lacks beauty and it is very flat, rains alot in the winter and can get colder than all other Texas cities. Austin is abetter area to live in imo for its more outdoorsy lifestyle, though Dallas isthe most modern and developed city in the whole of Texas, with many big Fortune500 companies. The companies and jobs are the main reason people move to theDallas metroplex.

  2. Jake Howie says

    If you are looking for culture and things to do Dallas is not your city lol

  3. Tobi Ojo says

    Dallas is a wonderful place to visit and work.

  4. niky_ 90 says

    I am italian, but I love Dallas and Texas

  5. Chandler taylor broncus animation says

    That's where they going tomorrow

  6. Lin Vloger says

    Amazing city ❤

  7. Marcos Chavero says

    I live here , only thing we have is a extremely segregated community . In the extreme tho . And ofc a shit Ton of restaurants .? That's all

  8. Nih It says

    Make Rome italy

  9. Rollz Bandidos says

    Texas ???

  10. songhee G says

    "It's nicknamed the Big D"Someone from Detroit: wait

  11. Tobi Ojo says

    Dallas is a great city that has a wonderful personality and awesome outlook for everything.

  12. Nutriție Sportivă says

    I love it!

  13. Kurapika’s Wife :D says

    If anyone see’s one of my comments saying Dallas sucks ??? I wrote that when I was a child ?????! I don’t think that anymore I will forever LOVE Dallas my beautiful home town!

  14. Jun Alcanites says

    My wife and I visited Dallas last August 2018. Next year, we plan to visit Austin. We eventually are planning on retiring in Texas.

  15. maureencora1 says

    Texas State Fair Time Sept.27,2019!

  16. Jada Vlogs says

    I cannot even say my hate for dallas. Its not as intresting as most cities should be besides San Antonio! I have been there before and it is known as the Night City.Everybody stays in the city walking around at night and they have horses that take you around the town! Dallas has glowing buildings, and alot of stories.Though dallas can be cheap

  17. SandyRocks says

    Dallas awesome but Austin is the best !

  18. Menace2society says

    I wanna go back I had so much fun?

  19. DANIEL says

    Texas – The holy Land ??

  20. Tehrah Edwards says

    I like living in Dallas Texas thank you Dallas texas

  21. Here Comes The Sun Conure says

    This is like New York when your poor and you live in Arkansas ?

  22. Mentalité Dz says

    Beautiful city from Algeria

  23. Random Yikes says

    And then I realized it was posted on my 7th birthday

  24. Steven Dudley says

    Who misses West End Market Place? I lived in Dallas in the mid to late 90s and that place was awesome!

  25. Boleiragem Fera says


  26. TDS_MaTTh says


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