1. Timo Vaiphei says

    Favourite Bond ever 👍

  2. D Legionnaire says


  3. coda creator says

    Say what you will, Daniel Craig is the best Bond there has ever been (the only thing Sean Connery has on Craig is that he smoked — as Bond did — but PC has diluted everything).

  4. Graham Smart says

    He’s obviously Scottish & like the number one bond (Also Scottish)😏Craig means Rock in Gaelic 👌

  5. Graham Smart says

    If you’re going to go to effort with YouTube video 👌At least you could do is pronounce his name properly 🤨

  6. Darth vader the sith lord says

    I don't know about you but in some photos Daniel's expression reminds me of Ben Stiller's

  7. Gzim Grajqevci says



    My favourite movie series

  9. Wes McGee says

    I lived through all the movie Bonds. Never heard of Craig until I saw Casino Royale. My eyes popped after the first few scenes. I told myself, this is the new Bond.

  10. Chit chat says

    Pierce Brosnan is the best James Bond ever!! Superb acting combined with debonair. 😎

  11. Mike Wave says

    Best bond ever.

  12. Royal Anania says

    An excellent Actor I like him, he plays Mr. Bond better than all the others combines

  13. Rajesh Kumar says

    Net mobile pe not allow.

  14. Rajesh Kumar says

    20 inch manage for screen for Dharm channel.it will be licensed,so Jo lap top rakha hai wo soche if galat Kia Gaya.

  15. voxy says

    what a man

  16. Maruf Rahman Aka Azazel Samael says

    When I was a child, probably around 3 years old I got watch my first ever James Bond Movie. 30 years has passed I still wish that James Bond was real, Back then I could speak and understand only in my native language. My uncle had to tell every word spoken in that movie as I Could not even understand what was the movie all about. Still I was very excited. AFTER THAT DAY WHEN SOMEONE ASKED ME “What do you want to do on the future?My answer always was “I want to become JAMES BOND IN THE FUTURE” for many years. Even at the first ever day at school Teacher asked all of us the same question and my answer was no different ,.. JAMES BOND.Even when I could not writ my own name in English, I could writeJAMES BOND. I wish if I could ever meet any of the actor who took part in the Legendary Movie,JAMES BOND in person. I would have shared my story. And Yes if I was a British, I would have started my acting career, making no matter what sacrifice, leaving whatever necessary at early age to beJAMES BOND.Thanks a million for reading my story, my wish will always remain the same, denying what’s real and what’s not,..I think my wish has,NO TIME TO DIE 💙Cheers 🤘🏻

  17. Bastiaan Stapelberg says

    Heeft een aantrekkelijk vrouw

  18. Dave Murrell says

    You’d think he could afford a decent tailor…

  19. José Crugeiras says

    What about Defiance (2008), where he portrayed Tuvia Bielski? I didn't see/hear that movie mentioned in this video.

  20. Duanne Luckow says

    Sean Connery

  21. maribel orozco says

    !!This is my man, pero no es mas multimillonario que yo, por que yo tengo 180 billiones, de dollares, soy mas rrica que el, ..!!Oh , mi carlitos, algun dia volveremos juntos, ..when the Sky fall, ahhh jaja, Bello Daniel Craig, el mejor de todos,

  22. Steven L says

    Best Bond ever !

  23. Grant Lester says

    Berkshire should sound like Barkshire.Shire is pronounced sheer ChesheerBarksheer etc

  24. Sharon Plume says

    It’s also an insult and incredibly bad research that you claim Craig was previously married to Fiona Loudon yet you show images of Satsuki Mitchell with Craig. Have some respect you moron.

  25. Amine Moughanime says


  26. Palupi Rere says

    Sexiest man alive, He's one of the best James Bond ever, laaaffff❤️

  27. Cash Rebel Entertainment says


  28. Lydia Lombardo says

    I love this man, best bond ever!💕😚

  29. Trevor Connolly says

    Do a Rob Lowe Video

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