Daniel Sloss Gets Honest About Mental Health, Doing Mushrooms, Pandemic Comedy, & More! Ep 44


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00:24 – Harry Potter
03:18 – Covid-19 in the US Timeline
04:24 – Stand Up Comedy During the Pandemic
08:57 – Buying a Tesla
14:03 – News in America/Election Cycle
20:13 – Sloss Book Delay
22:15 – Sloss’ Mental Health Journey in 2020
29:08 – Sloss Found the Love for Standup Again
31:47 – “I was pretending to be Daniel Sloss”
41:05 – Daniel Sloss Joins Twitch
46:50 – Experimenting with Mushrooms
53:36 – Dad, Cocaine & Money
58:47 – “My love of booze”
1:01:06 – TikTok
1:08:18 – What’s the ultimate dream for you?
1:14:31 – Bo Burnham
1:18:00 – Daniel Sloss Has a Podcast…
1:20:54 – Best and Worst Experiences with Other Comedians…
1:27:13 – Cut toxic family out of your life
1:32:22 – Does losing your sister so young make you want a family more?
1:41:19 – What is your favorite part of the body and why?
1:52:05 – What do you think about Donald Trump getting banned from Twitter?
1:55:43 – Sloss Asking Phil Questions…
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  1. Alexandra MacLachlan says

    Okay so I was biting my toenails as you mentioned it 👀

  2. Patches Hyena says


  3. MrBizteck says

    1:59:00 They better be a fucking link to that episode !!! Lol a slightly pissed Phill with a toon and a Scot ! Cant wait.

  4. awodickson says

    Starting a petition for Phil to come over for the Edinburgh Fringe next time it’s on, just go to shows and vlog the whole thing and GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT

  5. Kimiko says

    My daughter is 12. I'm making her watch this omg…
    – Drugs are expensive, don't do them
    – as a former bartender, I was already ok with any of my kids wanting to try alcohol in while we are there. So nice to see others who are on the same page.
    – "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb." Just because someone quotes something that sounds cool, research it before you put any credence to it.
    – not everyone is "Your audience" people will leave, not just as a profession (friendships too). Let them go… they are not your people <3

  6. Bertille David says

    As a French person, I can attest that drinking a glass of wine for special occasions when you’re 14 or 15 is completely true. But we also start drinking hard alcohol with our friends at the same age …

  7. Zenyl says

    Awesome, Sloss' Netflix specials are hilarious!

  8. Cat Mundoo says

    I first fell in love with Daniel Sloss about 12/13 years ago in a tiny venue at the Edinburgh fringe festival. He's come so far sigh

  9. Joonha Shcal says

    I actually planned on going to that festival in Austria…well that didn't hapoen.

  10. Sophie Angie says

    I’m so so excited oh my god

  11. Devon Salazar says

    Something about crowdfunding your company and also dropping $40k on an upgrade for an already super expensive car really rubs me the wrong way

  12. Amanda Moore says

    Sloss validating my removal of my father from my life is a ✨MOOD✨

    My father in law is more of a dad to me than the sack of shit who raised me

  13. Chance S says

    I just got my gf and I tickets to go and see him in December, this is brilliant timing haha

  14. Dead Channel says

    Sloss Was A Knob Back In High School

  15. serephita says

    Haha "I want 3, but if all 3 are boys.." that's how a friend of mine in college became the youngest of 8. She had literally 7 older brothers. All with red hair, and a set of twins.

  16. ladyrose1993 says

    I seriously love David Sloss so freaking much.

  17. T1nyTim says

    The Dalai Lama lets people know who he will reincarnate into, but there is a big issue where the Chinese have been trying to claim they know who the Dalai Lama will reincarnate into, as part of one of their power plays over the Tibetian people.

  18. hra820 says

    I didnt realize this was 2 hours long, pleasantly surprised.

  19. connor melville says

    I am suprised Sloss didn't take the opportunity to mention that Sarah Pascoe has issues with him and Kai when asked about bad experiences

  20. Girliest Mammy says


  21. Bryce Hagan says

    Have y'all considered including the recording date in the description? Would love that bonus context <3

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