Danielle Van De Donk – Most Aggressive Women Football Soccer Player?


Daniëlle van de Donk is the Sergio Rams of the Women’s Football. If you don’t know who is Sergio Ramos, well he is acting exactly as Van de Donk. Van De Donk currently plays for Arsenal in the UK and she is also a Dutch professional footballer. This video will show a compilation of clip of Van De donk doing what she does best…. Winning
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  1. Pirate Luscus says

    Basically it's a kitty fight ?

  2. Dixit Patel says

    This what we need in CB in men's team

  3. coolmaddy90 says

    And they gave her number 10

  4. joker 4 fun says

    The forward of Chelsea was like a supermodel.

  5. David Ocaña says

    Sergio Ramos in women ?

  6. Dai Kayll says

    Obviously not getting any !

  7. ANKIT SINHA says

    She is evil

  8. The PES Champions says

    Remember Thomas graveson?

  9. Omar Tejeda says

    She has most testosterone than any other man player!

  10. Michael Fenn says

    A teen boy would kick the shit out of her

  11. Panta Rei 83 says

    Not bad looking either.. I like them a little crazy

  12. Colombian flag says

    She's tough dawn

  13. Rodrigo Pérez Cabrera says


  14. Wulfgar Farwynd says

    This is when you have no idea what you're doing

  15. david brock says

    Glad she plays for us and not the opposition! Yes, the men's team could do with her. The

  16. Songs for Us says

    Shes David Luis sister tho some say she has family ties in the Ramos family

  17. lil Sophy says

    Im simpingggg ??

  18. Klistirani Krupije says

    I'd rather say female football player.

  19. Klistirani Krupije says

    Tough on field, but very soft and gentle in bed with her girlfriend and teammate Beth Mead from Arsenal, London.

  20. Wil End says

    Patucha pero peleona

  21. Anibal Benitez says

    Aníbal Benítez

  22. Freddy Vivas says

    i love this bitch…

  23. Lister Cruz says

    Imagine about her Spouse

  24. Abhishek Mishra says

    Female version of Ramos and she is beautiful.

  25. Заноза в попе says

    С ней лучше не ссориться…

  26. Aishwary Sharma says

    Yup..She can't play….CAN SLIDE THO.. LOLS

  27. Ep Tasaico says

    Female gansters in action. The background rap fits the violence.

  28. djulie eekels says

    Man I just love this??? Is it just me kr when someone from your own land or city is aggressive it’s just fun?!??

  29. Lorenshyne says

    she is awful and always late. Dont compare her to Ramos coz SR is maybe the best attacking central defender .. ever

  30. searchthetruth says

    Let her play rugby

  31. Akash Tudu says

    Lol wht an anger ???

  32. Handsoff says

    Pepe’s girlfriend

  33. george says


  34. Kani Fuker says

    She is like a version of Gattuso.

  35. Mikael Dannvik says

    what a nasty player

  36. everything ak47 says

    She isn't an aggressive player. She's stupid. Literally stupid, to be going aroung being showered with yellow cards and then you made a compilation out of it praising her?

  37. Ritesh Jatav says

    She is rude, may be got yellow card in each game & beautiful.. ???

  38. Francis says

    Rien à faire sur un Terrain,Incapable de faire la différence technique, le tacle n'est pas une technique mais une Lâcheté, interdire le tacle ramererai de la serinite et du plaisir de jeu.

  39. Mini Tnt says

    She is very beautiful

  40. Maucham Deka says


  41. James 84 says

    She can crunch me anytime she wants

  42. tehButt0n says

    normale taktische fouls etc … nix schlimmes , eher intelligente fouls

  43. Shadow Banned says

    With a player like that I would be targeting her big time after the first yellow card lol

  44. Rabsel Phurbu says

    Women of Ramos

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