Dark or night mode your iOS and Android smartphones.

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  1. It's khloey says

    My dad has a iphone but if its morning iys white if its night its dark

  2. Koton Bads says

    I use dark mode for everything. Even at daytime. It really just looks much better.

  3. Broken glass On a step says

    I have 10/10 vision so my eyes aren’t good

  4. Oscarinlivius says

    you talk too mucho, be simple. thks

  5. Renukesh Renukesh Prasad N.G says

    I love dark mode always I did everything that can turn dark made to my phone but it doesn't have built in dark mode feature

  6. Neha Love says

    I have been searching this for long thanks

  7. Honestly gio says

    Have an Jv3, its 9.0 version, followed steps, dark mode wouldn't work. So I took a screenshot of black color and used that hack thx!

  8. Phonereus says

    bro i just want this so i can watch videos at like 2 am without burningnmy eyes

  9. Matheus Soares says

    It's a pity youtube's Dark Theme isn't pure black

  10. LC CL says

    Quote: port hub LOL?

  11. Julian Tialengko says

    and even PORNHUB Hahahahaha

  12. ogwudire Philip says

    nice improvement…..i love dark mode

  13. leo manglicmot says

    Damn..! Nice guest man I was in dark mode while watching this

  14. Nicky Tarantino says

    Facebook does have dark mode you have to download friendly Facebook

  15. Nicky Tarantino says

    Who ever don't want to use dark mode is a racist ?

  16. Francia Bermejo says

    How about gmail?

  17. Petr Orlov says

    "5:27"If someone need something simply try aeru.best/webtoon-guide-162Its cool for everyone!ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකි

  18. Salman Ahmed says

    I have Huawei Android phone and when i turn on the color inversion the videos and graphics are messed up do anybody have solution for this?

  19. Rabbika Mili says

    How I dark mode all apps in Samsung Galaxy J2

  20. Mina's Ketchup says

    Him : u probably watching this on a dark mode , if ur watching this on dark mode give us a Thumbs upMe : enabled Dark mode And press that next button

  21. Bindu Shreya says

    How to get darkmode in oppo A5 plz say how to change ???My eyes were literally paining as I'm using lightmode ???Plz give me suggestions how to change oppo A5 device into darkmode plzzz ???

  22. Fernando Santacroce says

    Fuimg waste of time tanks

  23. alyssa no says


  24. Kirayoumi3 says


  25. And I Oop- says

    The heck. I'm watching this with my lil bro and tf, the PORNHUB THINGY.

  26. amit dev says

    My ' force dark mode ' some time automatically off ! How it fixed ?

  27. Tony says

    My note 10 plus has dark mode and i love it

  28. Nehal Mansoor says

    I can't find night mode or dark mode on my Samsung j7….please help if someone knows about this …???

  29. Melissa Gutierrez says

    Not planning on going back it’s been at least a month and I LOVED white mode but lately I’ve been into the dark mode

  30. Sunday Monday says

    Bro you talked for 5 whole minutes and you still didn't say how to turn on dark mode or turn off dark mode. Do you want to be a comedian, or give out valuable info.

  31. M. v says

    I have the same hoodie xD

  32. JHON DA MAN says

    Yeah who wrote the script!!!

  33. Martial forvr says

    I'm watching this on YouTube darkmode ?

  34. Lightning Fox says

    I Like dark because i hate light and thats my explanation…

  35. philip valenzuela says

    Goblok vid

  36. Reynaldo Rey Edralin Quero says

    I like Dark mode very well.. But how

  37. Croissants_love says

    I put negative colors cuz i couldn't find something that said dark mode

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