1. Kinoa & Kiki says

    Thank you for your subscription. I subd your channel. Great views!

  2. Rosz Magtibay says

    maybe in your place not that much the case of covid the people are not wearing mask, stay safe, sociql distancing,…

  3. Joe Bernal RN says


  4. Arby Dela Cruz says

    goes normal in every countries ?

  5. Kierra T. says

    This is very Interesting

  6. Miss K TeenTalks says

    Hey, Ricci great as always

  7. Gotin Ssj3 says

    another beautiful day

  8. Buhay Pinoy sa Canada says

    Nice Street view.

  9. AnnWell says

    it is good to know that you are now back to normal situation again.

  10. DH NOLOPAT says

    Ramai banget orang nya

  11. Kenny's Vlog says

    New friend here dancing with you

  12. Harlanie channel says

    Enjoy watching Full support and watch Godblessed

  13. Wealthy Habits With Vera says

    Nice, have subscribed to your channel, hope to subscribe to mine

  14. yusufbastann says

    Oh oh. Baya normale dönülmüş süper. ????

  15. Lalafatimas Kitchen says

    Beautiful ??

  16. Travel with Nadelina says

    Life back to normal again. Do people wear masks indoors ? Thanks for sharing.

  17. A L Y N N A U R O R A says

    Awesome 🙂

  18. Linda E. 11:11 says

    ricci, you always take great footage. Lot's of ❤️, light, & blissings always.

  19. Maxxad TV says

    Dope stuff

  20. HZ-Unlimited says

    Endlich ??

  21. The Elliott Family of 7 says

    Wow another if people around

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