DayZ Guide Updated: Blood and Health Regeneration demystified


Updated to DayZ SA 0.34.115106
Understanding how natural regeneration works is critical for your survival. There have been several new game builds in the past few weeks that changed several aspects about it. But some of those changes also made evaluating your current condition easier. I will go through the changes and outstanding issues that you should be aware of and give a few simple rules that can greatly increase your life expactancy.

1:13 Changelog
2:15 Regeneration in general
2:40 Slow Blood Regeneration
5:04 Full Blood Regeneration
6:14 Health Regeneration
8:07 Status Indicator Glitches
10:13 Summary

Request medical assistance from the Trusted Medics of the Wasteland:

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  1. Kyubi Hitashi says

    F merino?

  2. Robex says


  3. redRum says

    Merino, 4 years now since when you first uploaded this video and I still appreciate the time and effort that you put forth to explain the amazing system that dayz had set up. A shame that this system cant be put to full use in 1.0 as it used to be in 0.34.

  4. operator_ wildcat says

    Great information and great job with the video, but you should update this information for 0.62 with the 0.63 update coming up. These videos are vary much appreciated and informative but some of these points are outdated. Also do you still play DayZ? I need a partner(s) to run with.

  5. COW says

    miss this guy

  6. gamesforjake1 says

    RIP channel. Hope it makes a comeback one day.

  7. Greg says

    A moment of silence for this channel, which has died.

    You have done us well, merino.

  8. Carrot Survivor says

    why did you stop uploading

  9. Greg says

    I'm willing to bet he doesn't even remember that he has this channel. Too bad, these videos were the best to really break down the game.

  10. Legitmidget03 says

    this videos are really helpful please post moree

  11. Matthew Ganis says

    Are there updated numbers on this information because this video is now over a year old?

  12. longshot says

    this rally help me as i had no idea how to gain blood/health i taught they whare the same thing thx for the guide you got a new sub 

  13. 2ByQ says

    Is Dean Hall spying on us? Because I tested my blood and got exactly the same I have in real life, while my friend that has O+ irl has O- in game (close enough, Dean).

  14. Ater Nefarium says

    Hey we need more guides on certain medical things I've been learning without you and I don't like it XD but there's tons of new medical things that I would enjoy if you lightened or even showed more of what we are missing

  15. NasusPls says

    man you are just awesome i learn so much stuff thx a lot +1sub

  16. G4meFoot4ge says


  17. Pelandes says

    Hey, Merino! I am writting a Steam guide about Health and Medicine in DayZ. All the info of your research would be incredibly helpful for my guide. Although You Tube doesn't say anything about picking fragments of their videos being forbidden, I want to ask anyway: do you give me permission to use your deductions and lovely graphics in my guide? You'll get credit for it, of course.

  18. Wolfcubs Europe says

    Hey mate, ain't it time for more test video's ?
    I'm ready for helping out if you need a hand with anything..
    Even if you just need another Guinea pig  😉

    Best regards 
    Pmba79 – WCEU

  19. Brad LeBlanc says

    Upload more!

  20. Teletabis says

    You are the best

  21. NobleBrutus says

    Great help, thanks.

  22. Brad LeBlanc says

    Post more!

  23. Warren B says

    i could listen to this guy talk forever, almost fell asleep listening to you mate. Relaxation +10000

  24. laidb8k28 says

    They should just put a health bar and blood bar 

  25. Bewildering Truth Seeker says

    ok… im confused.. why do you have multiple videos ALL explaining the SAME thing? i was considering subscribing to your channel, but all of your videos on DayZ are the same. Food, Drink, engergy, blood. and how much to eat or drink.

    sorry, just wondering why u have it that way…. .

  26. Lucas Dias says


  27. WorldCraftDk Denmark says

    Subscribed 🙂

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