1. Elisa Covarrubias says

    Haha ????????????

  2. Megan Jones says

    His laughter is killing me

  3. Megan Jones says

    His laugh is making me laugh! Im dying Of laughter

  4. The Hardworking Hamborg says

    7:45Dude, it's Bede!

  5. Johanna Kindt says

    my sisters sitting in the same room like ??? while I'm dying laughing because of daz's laugh?????

  6. Joanna Paris says

    I cant breath because I'm laughing to hard?????

  7. James Jordan says

    I want what these designers were smoking when they thought of this shit

  8. i want to DIE says


  9. Creepy Text stories says

    Omg I was pissing myself by the time it got to the woman with the swimming pool on ????????????

  10. Helen Alexander says

    How is whaching this in 2020 like pls

  11. Moonlord 8 says

    I just watched a cult fashion show

  12. andrea louise says

    WHY CAN'T I STOP WATCHING THIS VIDEO! 😀 i used to have that swimming pool…. :O

  13. Ebony davies says

    I call this the Peekabo dress, "PeEkAbOo" ???????

  14. Katie The Weirdo says

    When I thought I saw it all but even worse outfits just kept coming LMBBOOO

  15. Emmie Anderson says

    ? I'm crying of laughter! ????????

  16. Hybrid Todoroki says

    He got read at the end lol

  17. Marilyn Bojorquez says

    Girl in 9:13 really said “like my necklace?”

  18. Jasmine RC says

    Does anyone else thing the pool was meant to be a pad since someone else was dressed up as a c*n Dom

  19. xoxoGamerGirlxoxo says

    Emagine being Sarah in the next room ?

  20. Mackenzie Horton says

    Rapped it round a bitch ???

  21. Violet Price says

    I watched this 5x times in a row it was so funny

  22. Sunflower Studios says

    He sounds like a witch when he laughed

  23. Sondyer_ Official says

    DAZ U HAVE ME CORONA IM CHOCKINGGGG XD (this is a joke btw)

  24. Stressed _out_ Forever says

    The people who disliked were probably laughing too hard and missed the like button

  25. Jon-Paul Addison says

    I almost threw up trying not to laugh so I wouldn’t wake the baby that sleeps above me. What the fuck was this. Please tell me what I just watched. ?

  26. _ChickenMCnuggies_ says

    Daz is just the most laugh contagious person you can watch.

  27. Charlie Dunn says

    I have one thing to say11:11

  28. Avalanche I Wolf says

    I’ve never watched anything funnier ??

  29. claude colin says

    When Daz starts crying from laughter at something I don’t think is really funny why do I do the same? ?????. I need answers!

  30. LizVibez says

    Oh god these models better be getting paid BIG MONEY

  31. bushhunter12 says

    I couldn’t stop laughing after the swimming pool for the rest of the video ?

  32. BEMW Kodiak says

    4:11 she looks like a reverse banana

  33. Kailla w says

    11:38 she looks like a binky

  34. Eric Cartman says

    4:25 looks likr used walking condom…

  35. McKenziePlayz YT says

    Saturn girl had donald trump on her feet ????

  36. Averee Jadee says

    I CAN'T stop laughing THE SWIMMING POOL my head hurts so bad I CAN'T the costume are so stupid??????

  37. Falco Vladimir says

    3:11 The quiet kid costume

  38. lily-chan says

    8:52Bitch be wearin Donald trump heads for shoes

  39. Psychopathic Mother Nature says

    I showed this to my mum she loved it?

  40. Nora Haggstrom says

    snoopy wants his ears back

  41. Claudia McCabe says

    This was too funny ???☺️

  42. Ray says

    3:15 I didnt know the KKK was into fashion

  43. A R says

    all of these looks look like roblox characters

  44. Ink the prOwOtector says

    I’m imagining daddy nightmare with his his tentacles made of goopy goodness on the runway with error wearing a dress made of the strings that come out of his eyes and they kill all the models and their like fuck… they’re dead now we can’t follow through with our plan. I KNOW LETS MODEL INSTEAD OF THEM AND HAVE KILLER, HORROR AND DUST DO THE PLAN THING. GOD THATS A GOOD IDEA. And ink is in the background laughing quietly because daddy nootmare is wearing a pink feather boa and he’s supposed to be the god of negativity but everyone is laughing at him

  45. XxPastel _AestheticxX says

    Daz’s laugh I swear is so contagious ????

  46. Lola Unger says

    I’m just imagining him being the commentator for this thing.

  47. Dylan Yeet says

    Thanks for the great workout

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