1. TravelinBand747 says

    The interviewer was unflappable! I was pretty spooked during that earthquake.

  2. おおさわよしみ says

    i'm japanese and what freaked me out is that yes we do have more earthquakes than anywhere else on earth but the tv never says we don't know if it's an earthquake or something else.

  3. James B says

    He looks a little bit like Matt Lauer except he’s not molesting her.

  4. David Lettervowel says

    paul jay, earthquake rider

  5. DudeStorm says

    Chuck Norris was just passing through!!

  6. DudeStorm says

    Is he from California? Cause he was way too calm for some who'd be from the east coast.

  7. swampzoid says

    let's not go crazy

  8. Jonathan says

    Hhahahaha nice relaxed presenter is always good. I like this guy

  9. Sandy brennan says

    lol….like how he sais..we will just sit hear and enjoy the ride …

  10. MultiMeli123 says

    Yeah keep on disrspecting the Jews, Gods chosen people & see what happens. That was but a friendly warning & my brains are not crap. It is your choice to believe or not. Praise the name of Jsus! Israel belongs to the Jews.

  11. snapegal says

    And we're getting out of the building ! Lol

  12. dLimboStick says

    On the west coast, alot of us would scoff at a 5.8, but too many forget that on the east coast they live and work in brick buildings that were built in the 1800s.

    5.8 might not be dangerous on the west coast, but it sure is dangerous on the east coast, where they don't have seismic enhanced buildings.

  13. TalksWithDirt says

    God did not cause this earthquake. I did. I was on the toilet at DCA.

  14. swampzoid says

    y'all, check out her expression at 0:28.

  15. Melissa Deaton says

    LOL!! She is like…I'm out of here!! Screw the camera's rolling!!

  16. Maple Leaf Leader says

    @kmarinas86 well people have a right to leave comments,we are intelligentt beings we can reason not insult them classified them as f-stupid, OFFCOURSEit I don,t agree with them but He is the bigger fanatic

  17. kmarinas86 says


    Nowhere in that comment did he say that all religious people were religious fanatics. He is characterizing the particular set of religious comments below which claim that this earthquake, which shook several states affecting millions in the northeastern United States, was the will of god against the single woman seen in this video, as comments of religious fanatics. And no where did he say that they should not even speak. Did he say, "These people shouldn't talk." ?

  18. Brian Blanchard says

    America is 8 days from the UN vote to create a new Palestinian State right out of the center of Israel. If this takes place with Obama's help. America will find out that Yahvey of the Israelites is quite real, and always keeps his word. We can expect signs in the heavens ie Rev.12 That particular sign "Woman [virgo] clothed by the Sun, with the moon at her feet" in the heavens on 9.29.11 ~ Yom Teruah ~ Day of the Trumpet /IF THE MOON IS SEEN …“ The red Dragon soon appears” WATCH..PRAY

  19. atchoo2u says

    and so it begins…

  20. EpifanesEuergetes says

    @watsupyo888 No problem.

  21. jace888 says

    @EpifanesEuergetes Dang! Pressed the wrong thumb!

  22. Maple Leaf Leader says

    @DickOPlenty THEY HAVE A right to leave comments and speak out.Insulting people and their religions for stating their opinions.YOU are the fanatic,Most religious people are good people just like non religious and they have a right to be respected not hated for believing in a High power,It is for the fact that you generalize,religious fanatics

  23. annoloki says

    @MrRacso9 God exists! So does Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Economic Recovery!

  24. Tra La says

    LOL…..whimpy east coast babies!!!! 😀

  25. Dawitness11 says

    @BobbyNiceguy Amen to that, enough is enough!!! HE's coming and this time he aint playin

  26. surya(:〈3 says

    LOL wow he's just so chill about this

  27. Mr.Racso9 says

    God doesn't exist. Stop saying god is sending a message. God doesn't exist.

  28. D.W. Atwood says

    Phyllis left to change her undies…

  29. Alex Bachmann says

    Religion has actually convinced people that there's an invisible man, living in the sky, who watches everything you do every minute of every day of your life. He has a special place full of fire and smoke and ash and torture where he will send you to suffer and burn and scream and cry forever and ever until the end of time! …… But he loves you. HE loves you and he needs money! -George Carlin

  30. Dawadah Gabar says

    That's what those idiots get for messing with god's people hehe!

  31. combo360 says

    @4Firearms things happen all the time stupid.

  32. Toval says

    Let me see her talking bull sh** about Israel now jajajajajajajajaja good video

  33. The Real News Network says

    @promontorium The people in the building were ordered to evacuate. At the time of the quake, no one knew what had actually happened.

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