1. David K Andrews says

    Is this d&d or who's line is it anyway?

  2. Guilbert Maric says

    I couldn't watch this, to be honest just seemed like an ego contest. I'll just go back to The Descent I guessEDIT: Whoops this is the descent. So different from episode 1…

  3. J Halofan360 says

    Yo is that shaggy

  4. 5hadow5talker says

    Watching this a second time. Mad respect to Kate Welch in holding her own. Babby Wizard and Babby DM no more!Also mad respect to Joe Maginallo. The chaos was fun but also a little too chaotic due to the many personalities at this table. Felt like poor Malik Forte also got a bit overshadowed.

  5. Terry Beal 2 says

    Asmodeus must have really got around. The big daddy of the lower planes. ??

  6. Terry Beal 2 says

    Infernal spray bottle. Is that a euphemism?! ???

  7. Benjamin Greener says

    shouldhave used the human brain in the corridor as desert XD

  8. Anthony Maurice says

    Wow a group of people that aren't texting!

  9. Mase man says

    Hold up… is that shaggy?

  10. hunted Wumpus says

    She is a good DM. Let her do her thing. Sciatica?? Stfu

  11. swish swish bish says

    It's like a bunch of stand up actors trying to get in as many laffy Taffy jokes as possible. Poor clare was interupted too much. In my opinion.

  12. FeelingShred says

    1:16:00 hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaa

  13. Scott Hibberson says

    Great session guys. I’m in LA on holiday at the beginning of September (I’m from the UK) and just wondered if there were any live DND performances I could go and watch whilst I’m there. Thanks in advance 🙂

  14. AnkokuEvangeline says

    For those who've missed it:57:24 "I try to tackle him!" (does the noodle arms)

  15. Tuesday Next says

    Poor Joe. I've been the only roleplayer in a group of jokers before.

  16. AdamSpecs says

    I feel like this whole session was set in Pandemonium.

  17. Shane Cheatham says

    wait, session 1 done, session 2 has new people and a new DM? I'm confused, are they still in HELL? I'm typing this befor I watch,s o we'll see….should be interesting.

  18. The Sleepiest Daves says

    I wonder why Kate felt the need to cheat her nat 1 into a 21 in game 3?

  19. ConversationBomb says

    I'm really annoyed at the shit they're giving the DM. If they'd stop being pricks, she could move the story along.

  20. Maebee says

    Did I miss something? He never got to ask his question. What was the question???

  21. Douglas Phillips says

    I'm posting here because comments for session 4 were turned off. First everyone was awesome for all the events! Second Evelyn and Twiggy need to team up again! It was adorable in stereo!

  22. Fare Well says

    I am extremely gay for Kate Welch. She could snap me in half and I‘d thank her tbh

  23. tommygunn504 says

    Pierced teeth?Yeah, its D&D boi!It gets weird in here sometimes?????

  24. Jeroen Nels says

    sooo is Hell now canonically Mad Max Fury Road?

  25. 闇の戦士 says

    1:31:38 absolutely ended me

  26. Juicylemons1212 says

    1:21:35 perfectly missed opportunity to have any large flying beast fly by and swoop up the unicorn killing it.

  27. TheBluLeaf says

    damn i really wanted to see projared this year

  28. Carla A says

    Joe…. what a king ?

  29. Dumpster Porn says

    best session of the entire stream.

  30. Vogelkinder says

    She really wasn't getting the respect she deserved from these guys.

  31. Hummingbird Hooligan says

    and another dnd session is hilariously derailed by the mcelroys… gotta love those boys

  32. JesseDaniels says

    this started a little slow but man, this was so well done.

  33. Lance Garrison says

    i really think loadmouth needs to quite over powering the game

  34. Ben Ingram says

    This is the most I've laughed at a D&D game in my life! (To put that in context, i have watched or listened to hundreds of hours of podcasts and streams)

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