Dead by Daylight | Silent Hill | Music Behind the Scenes


This Behind the Scenes explores the music of Chapter XVI and the collaboration between Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka and Dead by Daylight composer Michel F. April.


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Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a Killer, your goal is to sacrifice as many Survivors as possible. As a Survivor, your goal is to escape and avoid being caught and killed.


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  1. Anthony Gamboa says

    they can put the punishment for doing dc
    pueden poner el castigo por hacer dc

  2. John mark Pabia says

    Why Jason is not in the game

  3. Golden Troy says

    REMOVE swf

  4. Rebecca Miner says

    springtrap next

  5. Jayden J Tham says

    how to run using nintendo switch

  6. Владимир says

    fix bags

  7. jeremitsh says

    where is james sunderland bruh

  8. Ashley Newman says

    Dbd uses a hammer in its music,Doom uses a chainsaw in its music.I like it.

  9. CindyWerlitz tarver says

    Yall should add spring trap from fnaf as a killer map should be freddy Faber pizza and the survivor should be security guard and spring trap has a power where if he stands still for 8 seconds while looking at a survivor he gets this power called rage and his movement speed is increased by 15 percent and if any survivor gets hit by spring trap while on his rage attack they go immediately down like oni. 1 of spring traps perks can be when he puts someone on a hook the perk activates and if you break a generator while it's the perk is activated its handered and when a survivor fails a skill check on that generator spring trap broke the survivor goes into the dieing state and there aura will be revealed to spring trap for 5 seconds. Spring traps other perk will be called you cant hide from me, while in a chase if you lose a survivor while in a chase the perk is activated and while the perk is activated the survivor will have oblivious and blinded state i think that's how you say it. And his last perk can be called hex: cant escape when the survivors get the generators done the survivors cant here spring trap the killer when he is close kind of like a jump scare. His mori, spring trap picks up the survivor and his hand is on the survivors throat, the survivor fights spring trap and he falls on the ground and then spring trap gets mad and crushed the survivors head. I hope yall bring this killer into the game. Thank you

  10. Ruth Hernandez says

    Perdón por interrumpir pero no estaba Sonic.exe y five nights at Freddy's y la asesina que salió de la tele

  11. Stanley Soh says

    No can you make Jason vorheesBecouse you made michel in game name is shape

  12. Stanley Soh says

    Are you you the real Dead by Daylight creator Please tell me you are

  13. Joseph Theisen says

    Since Konami doesn't make GAMES anymore can you guys give us another Silent Hill? With a single player campaign???

  14. memeboy says

    Where is the secret trapper video

  15. Ralaw Ayala says

    How are you going to add new characters and killers when you can´t even fix your own game!? I´ve only played this game for a month and a half and i´m already starting to notice more bugs and problems then any other game I´ve played so far. from hitting people through windows and pallets, to the amount of laggy servers or people I get to the point where I can´t even move or at worst, getting kicked out of the game! Not to mention the amount of time I have to wait to play a survivor or killer just for the game to end in 5 minutes! Its really annoying and I hope that your trying to fix this game ASAP! Its pretty much my favorite game right now and I would hate to see it just go downhill from here.

  16. Victop3 _ says

    I want springtrap in the game

  17. Daniel MCcool 2 says

    Dead By Daylight Company Everybody Wants Springtrap In Dead By Daylight

  18. DoctorKnockOut1 says

    POV your here for the scavenger hunt

  19. OutNumber says

    Rin Yamaoka: The SpiritKazan Yamaoka: The OniAkira Yamaoka: The Composer

  20. Lyraisus says

    looking for the scavenger hunt lol

  21. el chales says


  22. Whyaye says

    Sort your hit boxes out, everytime the killer hits the air it somehow hits me your game does not make sense and getting quite sick of it to be honest so killer sided this game

  23. OfflineMini says

    Akira yamoaka another one from the infamous yamoaka FAMILY Jk no hate thank u for the music !

  24. Daiki T says


  25. Vanick_ says

    When crossplay comes will consoles be able to plug in a keyboard and mouse

  26. Jack No says

    He do be looking kinda thicc tho

  27. T0X1C FLORES says

    Siren Head?

  28. Miriam Henderson says

    The chapter is called the the banned chapter 17

  29. Miriam Henderson says

    Put springtrap in the game fanf new killer springtrap new map the pizza place his power is the camera he can put 10 cameras in a wall or locker new person Jake gray

  30. Eligio Cortez says

    Can you add Chucky in the game and on phone

  31. David Remillard says

    Can we have a clicker legendary skin for Hag A suggestion to one of my favorite games

  32. Hotline says


  33. Caesar jasi says

    American werewolf in London as next killer would be cool

  34. ElSrDark says

    Prometi que no lloraria ;-;

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