DEADPOOL 3 "Unsolved Leaks" Teaser (2021) Marvel, New Superhero Movie Trailers HD


Ryan Reynolds was kind enough to post this on his Twitter account.

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DEADPOOL 3 “Unsolved Mystery” Teaser (2021) Marvel, New Superhero Movie Trailers HD
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  1. Luke Miralle says

    This is a deleted scene from Deadpool 2 ?

  2. Chris brown says

    Stop with the bait and switch bull shit. This isn't a trailer. It's a poorly put together mashup of previous movie clips… Unsubscribed.

  3. dynar deliva says

    The blade is gonna make in the mcu promise

  4. Priscilla Mann says

    So did anybody catch the ending when he said "I just filled it up, give it a few more pumps?" Lolz im dying ?

  5. Braylon sauls-vigneau says

    This is a scene from Deadpool 2 but there is gonna be a Deadpool 3

  6. David Olver says


  7. Mohd Faizan says

    Abe gandu chutiya mat banaya kro

  8. The 88.888 subs with no video says

    yes finally deadpool guy comes back

  9. American Ninja Productions says

    People rlly post any video that's tangentially related to a movie and call it a "teaser" or a "trailer" lmao

  10. Steel Rain Outdoors says

    This is just a deleted scene from Deadpool 2.

  11. Workout boy jatt says


  12. Workout boy jatt says


  13. Workout boy jatt says


  14. scorpio hurley says

    this is a scam this aint a teaser for 3 this is scenes in deadpool 2 .. REPORTED!!!

  15. Brydon Diaz - Gilbert says

    That was legitness

  16. Jennie Kelly says

    The end was too funny!!

  17. Robbie Holman says


  18. Tullock says

    Imagine getting paids thousands of dollars just to do some shit that pink haired did. That wasn't even acting.

  19. Alexander Heidelberg says


  20. Russell James says

    I’d like to think I’ve rubbed off around you too ??

  21. StateOfDisorder says

    These were extras in the dvd/blue ray. These aren’t leaks ?‍♀️

  22. R cloud says

    forgive me its been a minute since i seen deadpool 2 but isnt this whole scene in it? i feel like ive seen it before, and if it is how is this a teaser?

  23. Aylê Dark says


  24. Trailer Boy says

    so who's the next super baddie in deadpool 3. i go for mr sinister and his marauders

  25. Darnell Waugh says

    Question, Marvel Studios?

  26. BrownBearBoxProductions says

    Deadpool kills the Fox marvel universe by Micheal bay

  27. WojThanos GD says


  28. CR Gaming says


  29. Ransford Awuah says

    Well. Just what we neededRyan Reynolds is on the screen

  30. 4KSubscribersWithNotifsChallenge? says


  31. Nazir H. says

    O man

  32. K C Mitch says


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