Deathstroke Knights & Dragons: The Movie | Official Trailer 2020


Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons – The Movie offers a new take on the Deathstroke legacy. Mercenary and master assassin Slade Wilson leads two lives: one as the relentless killer known as Deathstroke, and the other as a dedicated family man. When these worlds collide, forced together by the vicious terror group known as H.I.V.E., it is the killer in Slade who must fight to save his loved ones, as well as what remains of himself. With his soul torn apart and his young son held captive, Deathstroke will have to atone for the sins of his past to fuel the battles of his future!

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  1. Shams Iftikar says

    is it a stand alone or belongs any order

  2. Mesfin Abraham says

    Mann this came out on free movie websites like 6 months ago

  3. Timothy Lewis says

    Okay. I guess you guys are taking my money.

  4. gorthaur83 says

    the terminator!

  5. Cedric Cano says

    Deathstroke is a Deadbeat

  6. John Hoffman says

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  7. Moonlight Pictures says

    The animation is just getting worse and worse. To the point where I'm not sure I can overlook it enough to enjoy the movie.


    Mandela effect: I watched this movie over a year ago!… is that possible

  9. Pawix Jegons says

    So rogue is already grown up?

  10. kirby march barcena says

    DEATHSTROKE: Never give a paid killer a reason to work for freeH.I.V.E.: Well, he never paid taxes so…

  11. Gumball Watterson says

    This looks cool

  12. W P says

    I can't believe people really like these cartoons. They are not visually appealing nor have any realism.

  13. Prateek says

    Animation sucks on this one

  14. Just Curious says

    This is really what you guys decided to make?

  15. usef pharma says

  16. MLG Hazrad says

    I had the english auto subtitles on and at 0:39 I was like what?

  17. Hrushikesh Gouda says

    After watching this movie, I need to watch a Joe Manganiello Deathstroke movie.

  18. zado says


  19. JayStroke says

    I just finished watching the movie it was amazing

  20. Waffles says

    At least hes not a pedo this time

  21. ZiniTevio Ki says

    Lol Mortal kombat revenge of deathstroke

  22. kenny omega says

    looks BORING but if nothing else to watch. they changing his backstory too

  23. It's Hero says

    so teen titan base not yet build on hes timeline?

  24. Fredrik says

    Looks like a child drawn it, seen low budget animes with better animation.

  25. Jhonny Núñez says


  26. Jayant Joshi says

    Dc animated is unmatched ??

  27. TYSON 1999 says

    Deadpool light version

  28. JacobOlli says

    How come this isn’t on the DC animated movies list on wikipedia, was not sure it was an official movie. And didn’t even knew it was coming

  29. Wolfboy’s Art Den says

    Okay I saw another clip online and this looks really good

  30. manujpop says

    Animation is just getting worst. I miss the old studio.

  31. TheAnonymous Assassin says


  32. Jolly says

    If warner brothers and dc didnt want to copy the mcu their animated movies could have been way better

  33. 246yami says

    i like the art style but the animation itself seems choppy almost like the framerate dropped

  34. Luis Felipe Centeno says

    Saquen una película live action de death stroke porfa me encanta este personaje

  35. a Burger says

    I saw these as a tv series do y o u want to spoil it

  36. Mr Roboshadow says

    me: a giant nerd watching the first scene woah woah woah!! Slade didnt lose the eye until AFTER his son was kidnappedi joke, im still looking forward to it

  37. Altaaf Khan says

    This movie will be awsome.

  38. Shubham Pandey says


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