DEEMO II Concept Music – Away from the rain


DEEMO II Concept Music – Away from the rain

“When music plays, the sun shall stay.”

Let Deemo and The Little Girl join you!
The sun will come out one day, I’m sure of it…

Composed by Chamber Chu

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  1. 라임타는슬라임 says

    줬다 뺏기 ㄹㅈㄷ
    다시돌려할때 굉장히 머쓱할듯ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  2. yuukiChan x syazieKun says

    Deemo 1 – Black Deemo
    Deemo 2 – White Deemo

    What if the deemo 2 is actually Deemo's brother

  3. Marked E. Snow says

    I am excited to hear the music of this. And also to ball my eyes out again.

  4. Sam Zuhal says

    I cant wait for deemo II 😭

  5. Alvin Bontuyan says


  6. 정주안 says

    진짜 이런 노래는 어떻게 만드는걸까, 어떤 영감을 받는걸까.. 뭘 생각하며 만든걸까.. 나도 만들고 싶다

  7. 정주안 says

    I love this,

  8. 氣泡水 says

    好希望這首能放進deemo 我一定一直玩

  9. こば〜ん says


  10. 김훈민 says

    저런 몽환적이고 황홀한 분위기는 어케 만드는거지

  11. Rilliane says

    yes more emotional abuse by rayark

  12. Jehan Oktra Nabiella K says

    Release the orchestral version please
    <(_ _)>

  13. DT A says

    멜로디는 전체적으로 너무 좋은데 하이라이트?
    라고 해야되나? 약간 소리가 더러워지는 그런
    안타까움도 있네요;;

  14. みりん70% says


  15. Anthony Siu says

    It cries, "don't leave me"

    said my wallet.

  16. mumumumumu mumumumu says

    그래서 언제나와 현기증 날꺼가태

  17. LIEN CHIÊU NGỌC says

    Hope there is not a sad ending 😢

  18. Harun . says

    Cant waiy

  19. Marc Pozzebon says

    life is the station. time is the trail. trains are our journeys going to its ends. someday we'll cross our paths at this station, but we all have different trains to embark. rain will stop us no longer.

  20. Kuuhaku Cs says

    Deemo : free-to-download, but pay2play
    CytusII: pay-to-download and pay2play
    Deemo II: I'm out of wallets

  21. Alexia Lima says

    Am I ready to cry oceans again?

    No…. But will be worth it.

  22. P̆υяҽ ωɦıτє says

    It's beautiful, im gonna cry

  23. Ernesto Feng says

    I also need the violin sounding there, but it is gone :'v

  24. 菜鳥 says


  25. Okarine MoguMogu says

    I've played Deemo, Cytus and Cytus 2… I can't wait for this game! I hope my wallet can bear with me again..

  26. Ryandi 123 says

    Deemo specification

  27. issa loubani says


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