1. Brews Ki says

    Isnt she Malcolm’s gf?

  2. Demetrius wilson says

    they really should've never remade deep blue sea the original 1999 movie the original movie is and forever will be the classical shark nostalgia movie to me they f@cked it up when they started doing remakes of deep blue sea just no cringe alert I can't stand to even watch 20 minutes into these remakes that's how bad they are!?????

  3. RedEmpire Studio says

    Fuckin lol

  4. Camaro Xulaiman says

    Better watch this 1… the best of all…

  5. Be-ro says

    Climate change lol

  6. SupDev says

    Im halfway through the movie atm and I must say its just as I expected…A masterpiece of dogshit. Alcohol and pot required!

  7. Elle Sanchez says

    Just remember guys kole can’t die so if he dies in this he isn’t dead remember that

  8. ThaRealJB says

    I knew there was a part 2. However….I wish I didn't know there was a part 3?

  9. SB Mang says

    Part 3? when did part 2 come out. Totally missed the sequel.

  10. ice says

    pésima película… la 1 fué lo que mejor estuvo.

  11. Andre Ferguson says

    this is the only trailer ever made that proves that the movie will be…..crap!!!


    Never knew there was a part two

  13. Ana Caroline Paiva says


  14. Retired snow bunny hunter x says

    Yes there is a second one lol if most had firesticks should have watched on that when it came out lol

  15. FunnyBuzz says

    Why keep making these movies clearly the first deep blue sea movie had a budget while 2nd and 3rd movie got dumped on ? ?

  16. captfakk says

    Climate change? Not watching this iberal pandering.

  17. valerya m says

    someone tell me if this is worth it or just a waste of money. get back to me xx ?❤️

  18. Daemoknife says

    Why does it look like this film was recorded with Fraps Trial Version?

  19. Monkey Haters says

    I hope this movie makes it to the grammys …??It deserves an enema? I mean Emmy?

  20. Gh0st says

    This : https://gifs.com/gif/oV42NY

  21. Castra says

    Feel sorry for the sharks working with forgettable cast.

  22. tony roll says

    Where did they find the actors in this movie? They stunk with a capital suck!

  23. ed dead says

    She beautiful

  24. RLee Roberts says


  25. RLee Roberts says

    How does trash like this keep getting produced.Seems like a COLOSSAL WASTE of time and money.

  26. skulleX crush says

    Should have stuck with one.

  27. KHALID TV says

    paul walker would be damned

  28. Sonica The Hedgehog says

    Only needed one.

  29. Fatuma Hassan says

    Shaaaark nadooooo

  30. endlesstory says

    I only wanna know is this movie good should i watch it ?

  31. Laksh Preet Jassal says

    Moral of the Story : All MEN die

  32. rafanellys says

    Shit movie – don't bother, watch some paint dry instead – way more exciting.

  33. Russell Gardiner says

    What a waste of time….A CRAP Movie….

  34. Chris F says

    Lol no thanks

  35. Aamna Birje says

    Kol Mikaelson wowww vampires in blue seassss

  36. Blue River Lore says

    I just finished watching. If you like lectures on environment, bad white men and no nudity… this is your generic shark movie.

  37. CEM/CoolestEverMade says

    Did the shark ram into her ? the shark said im not even hungry hun but im about to bully you really quick lol

  38. kenny omega says


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