1. Fabio Lutzu says

    Una vita che non la sentivo…top miusic

  2. Moo Bear says


  3. Riccardo Rosenberg says

    2020 anyone?

  4. Ruslan Payos says

    future is a coronavirus )))

  5. Delie Thierry says

    Great sound ?? peace love respect xxx from belgium

  6. Eduardo Sandoval says

    Aca hay uno tremendo temon hermano

  7. Julian Valls says

    always sounds amazing, future of the future still contains the past time go slow time go fast..wow

  8. dshizzle17 says

    deep dish in their prime!

  9. Diogo says

    The "13° Floor" movie brought me here 🙂

  10. Louis Antonio says

    Hay alguien que hable español aquí? vamos, no me quiero sentir sólo jajaja…una canción que marco toda una etapa en mi vida! saludos desde la Ciudad de México! Greetings from Mexico City!

  11. Jord Mcc says

    Music like this does not exist anymore, absolute masterpiece. I've never known the world to be moving forward but backwards in so many things… listen… because listening is life… an this music is life

  12. Caio M says

    Dubfire e-e

  13. adriana25091 says

    ? wowwww

  14. Martin Daniel says

    Future is dominated by herpes…

  15. Jason X says

    Found out about this song through Lumines.  Good stuff!

  16. RCy says

    impressive how every body have the same feeling , nostalgia of those beautiful times when we were younger, but at the same time how can we enjoy this great song… 

  17. F O U R T H says

    the world where there is no jealousy

  18. Pyrethryn says

    Early 21st century was a nice time to be alive… might be the last nice time to be alive…

  19. Pyrethryn says

    What happened?

  20. Pyrethryn says

    Well, I love it. Nostalgic tears in my eyes right EXACTLY NOW.

  21. scufitzuca says

    so nice, kiss any girl you like be kissed by any girl that likes you…but no! they wait for the knight in shiny armor!

  22. luchito raizberg says


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