Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie "Infinity Train" Trailer #3 REACTION/REVIEW


Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie “Infinity Train” Trailer #3 REACTION/REVIEW
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  1. Jesus Aguilar says

    In japan on screen is october but in USA it comes out 2021

  2. Ace says

    Rengouku….?? #Respect

  3. ItsAMe Mario says

    "zeneeetsuu" -Rob

  4. Muriel Pelaez says

    OMG come on you guys ….I am a fan of your reaction videos… your group is one of my favorite channels for anime reactions…I really want to see your reaction/thoughts on gambling school anime ( Kakegurui ) both seasons, I have a few favorite episodes from both seasons.. is a netflix series but is also online!! especially your tall funny guy "Patricrt fashionisto" ahahahhahah he is very funny sometimes lol….I had never subscribed to your channel until now…I always forget since youtube already notifies you based on your history…but I am now!! IF you never seen gambling school do the reactions in English dub audio …both language actors are okay, but I think English is better…

  5. たけまい says

    I’m Japanese.海外の方が日本のアニメを楽しんでくれるのはとても嬉しいです?絶対映画見たら泣きます。We need bath towels.

  6. Lui says

    This might be the only anime that all 4 of y'all don't hate on each other coz you got favourites lmao

  7. Daniel Hernandez says

    Would you say Demon Slayer is a top tier anime?

  8. Aleks says

    aniplex posted a version with english subs lol

  9. Rachel Sweets says


  10. Rachel Sweets says


  11. Secre Swallowtail says

    I haven't read the Manga but Rengoku looks like the strongest Hashira, Just wanted to ask the comments if he's the strongest.

  12. mina Jakaria says

    also waiting for season 2..demon slayer

  13. xSoporific says


  14. Clairvoyant DreamsXX says

    Bro, I hate the fandom. I read the manga, and I hate the fact the fandom keeps spoiling it for anime only watchers.But I love how they are keeping the secret character. And you already know the animation, and visuals are going to be flames. Just everything. The hype is actually real for this one.

  15. Danny Avila says

    Let's dream together manga reference

  16. こまめ says


  17. Pedro Guevara Garcia says

    2020 in Japan

  18. Xpkresx Lost says

    Yeah anime onlys have to wait till 2021 … manga readers laugh in the back. Knowing the whole plot ??

  19. ニーハオ says


  20. Alex 46 says

    October at Japan ,trailer from Anime tv2021 at U.S , trailer from Aniplex US

  21. mad maxx says

    reaction to naruto movie

  22. Toya says


  23. limi TeaTae says

    Have you ever thought it says October 16th 2021 lol

  24. Vary says

    rob: zinzetsume: if you can't say it right, stfu

  25. Emmanuel Mari says

    October 16th for Japan , 2021 for the US

  26. Cass Hermoso says

    Me and Rob have the same fave character Zentetsu ??????

  27. crayonns says

    this arc tho ? RIP

  28. Sean Brown says

    MANGA SPOILER:Honestly idgaf about any of the stuff in this movie I just wanna know if my boi akaza is in the movie

  29. Daffa Fahrezi says

    2021 in USA AND CANADA

  30. Tomioka Giyuu 冨岡 義勇 says

    10.16 in japan and 2021 in other countries ig

  31. KingsArk says

    who else got a lil heart attack when they said the movie was delayed lmao

  32. KingsArk says

    for those wondering, no it isn't actually delayed. I think these guys got confused with the release date for the english dub version of the movie which is releasing in 2021. But the actual movie itself is still set for an October 2020 release date.

  33. Shahil Tharu says

    Wow did he really say zenjitsu,idiot stupid dumb.

  34. specter says

    yooo my favorite demon slayer character “zentetsu”

  35. Justin Hernandez-Murillo says

    Can u guys do finish fire force

  36. Trist9n says

    i dont ever read manga but demon slayer is the first manga ive ready and its is fire now im reading fire force

  37. Uchiha Itachi says

    Can you guys pls react to black clover because it's fire

  38. chakra says

    guys you should've watched it with subtitles on…

  39. nutu6969 says

    10 16 in japan 2021 in usa

  40. Anarchy DM says

    I had demon slayer spoiled to me unfortunately so the hype for it was kinda ruined for me but I’ll still watch it regardless because it’s still good

  41. david goweh says

    Rob it’s Zen-it-zu not Zenzitzu

  42. Diamond Reactions says

    I on the patreon app and I it won’t show y’all’s patreon is the sumthing specific I got to type

  43. xxGetBodiedxx says

    Y’all get on fire force that shit going crazy right now ?????????

  44. AYSEGUL says

    Eno feat Mero ~ Ferrari music reaction please

  45. AndrewsTooGood gg says

    You guys should react to Parasyte, super underrated anime

  46. Maxium100 says


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