Destiny Rap by JT Music – "Legend"


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  1. Alexander Scola says

    This song: existsMe doing a triple player thing solo:

  2. Git Gud says

    All the dislikes are oryx and the taken

  3. Nathon Koehler says

    Wait this song is 5 years old so much forshadowing

  4. Buildcraft Games says

    0:50 is that Queen breaker don't remember D1 name.

  5. Logos Info says

    2020 song still?????

  6. Shin Malphur says

    I remember when this first came out……You remember, Ghost?Yeah…..I do.Been one hell of an adventure since then hasn’t it?Heh, you can say that again.But it ain’t even close to being over for us, right?Damn right, Guardian.When are you gonna just call me Shin?Hmmm…I’ll think about it.SighSomehow though, I think this is meant to be. Like, this is how things were supposed to be. Like I was meant to be a protector, a Guardian.Huh. Like fate?Yeah…like it was always… Destiny

  7. Tom Lieber says

    Ah yes some how nostalgic

  8. Greekgamer212 :3 says

    This was the first rap that introduced me to this channel

  9. Diamond_OOF says


  10. Jake Johnson says

    0:08 song starts here

  11. FreddyThePro ?_? says

    Best games

  12. FireUser 18 says

    Can we get a remaster of this from JT? They did welcome to my apocolypse, so I don't see why not this.

  13. Shawn Clayton says

    This is the song I play when fighting a boss

  14. Sylok the Defiled says

    I cannot lie, this song’s existance is probably one of the best things in my lifetime. My favorite game, one of my favorite songs.

  15. mega barroth says

    Returning to d1 after years and im shocked to see people playing it after all these years,it almost brought a tear to my eyes

  16. Google748 E says

    I… remember

  17. Lewis Fantom says

    Warnock what song is that titan it's a top tune brother

  18. RedXBloodHunter says

    2020 anyone?? XDWhenever I watch this video, I see the memory’s I have of playing this game!!

  19. Lil Caesar says

    I still listen to this after 5 years ❤

  20. Nguyen Dang Nguyen says

    Good now do a remastered version of this song

  21. Kaitlin Schindler says

    "lock and load. rest in peace. execute effectively."love that line

  22. Erock1900 says

    I think this is the only one of your videos I've disliked… It's not that the song isn't good, I just feel it could have been better, the Destiny 2 video you put up was fantastic! I just think this one could have used more energy to it like that one had.

  23. Mr. Stripes says

    Wow, guys, this was so epically good to listen, quite a good time thing to sing anywhere, GREAT WORK!! ????✊?✊?

  24. ShinjinRookGaming says

    Who here listens to the song even though its 6 years old? I am. Like if you do.Edit 1: 5:53 HOT DAMN THOSE DANCE MOVES! WOOO!

  25. canine tail says

    What gaurdian do you have titen hunter or voidlock

  26. Aaron Mishra says

    Guardians look fourth back to what was for the light is dim we must rekindle what was once our home the tower this is a call a call to arms to rebirth destiny for twas the beginning of our legend

  27. Starlight Gamez says

    You have to update it! XD Add bits for the dlcs! Just an idea lol. I love Destiny So much still.

  28. ItsMaple says

    2020? ?

  29. Holy Knight Percival says


  30. Holy Knight Percival says

    2020 anyone?

  31. Joshua Mcclung says

    Saint-14 nods head in contempt “now this is the song of our people”


    3:39 hes like you dare oppose me mortal

  33. S.B.G. SpaceBalls Gaming says

    Shout out to all the peeps still listening to this in 2020.

  34. A Person says

    Im crying, i remember seeing this rap a long time ago, it seems like it was just 2 or less years ago but its actually 5. This brings nostalgia bruh

  35. Steven Scarborough says

    I like the ”i'll tell you when it's over just close your eyes im always watching over your earth and sky for every fallen soldier one more well rise you'll be reborn a legend the day you die”3x

  36. Stamper 048 says

    It’s almost 2020 and I’m listening to this legend sing this gem. I want destiny to come back to us as we come back to it

  37. Nicholas Salinas says

    2019 anyone?

  38. Crazy Arts01 says

    So sad the original Destiny isn't up anymore, I miss it so much qwq

  39. Slyey says

    The first minute is just music

  40. Lemonly Limer says

    5 years later, and this is still the best Destiny rap ever made.

  41. General Zeta says

    It 2019. We are back on the moon. The darkness was their waiting for us. We have lost so much power, but have replaced it with new light. We know the darkness is coming. And when they get here. cock shotgun We will give them the final war they will ever see.But until then, keep prepping for their arrival fellow Guardians.

  42. Michael Johnson says

    5:52 me when I can't find someone to dance with in the tower

  43. Dante says

    It has been years and this shit still slaps

  44. JefftheEvilRobot says


  45. the madness returns says

    Uldren watched us….and then killed cayde…….we are coming for you!!!

  46. black wolf says

    Welcome to destiny ?

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