Details emerge on Trump's health after coronavirus diagnosis


White House doctors say the president had a high fever on Friday and his oxygen levels dropped twice during his treatment for COVID-19. CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook joins CBSN’s Lana Zak with the latest.

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  1. Max Well says

    Here is a timeline of who knew what when.. You decide.

  2. veneeth raghavan says

    Trump is fake.

  3. Chris Sanchez says

    President Donald Trump is right again!!
    The bidens are corrupt.
    Facebook is censoring any story about the bidens. Even news from the Post!🤣
    Msm censorship is alive, the bias is strong. President Trump is correct!

  4. coop awhip says

    Well if the old man president Trump can get well in days, I guess the media has been lying to us all again ! Imagine that. Take off your masks people ! Somebodys lying.!

  5. E Randco says

    Doesn’t matter. He’s the elected President even though congress and the democrats and the media have gone above and beyond to subvert our laws and rights. If he can’t serve we also voted in a Vice President. And if he can’t serve, god forbid we have the corrupt speaker of the house.

  6. Gm Mg says

    2020 events have revealed how biased and anti-America mainstream media CBS, ABC, NBC, and CNN are. Their attacks on us Americans with disinformation are relentless and intended to hurt. Mainstream media, higher education, entertainment/Hollywood and Democrats collaborate on their anti-American actions. We see this and we will overcome.


    Taxpayers will pay the bill. The average hospital stay for severe Covid patients is 75,000 to 150,000. So 34 people at this rate can be from around $2,550,000 US Dollars to $5,100,000 US Dollars.

    I wonder how much would be the bill for Trump's hospital stay?

  8. Mary Ann Cabrera says

    I urge you people of the world we fight and to believed one only God Jesus Christ is your physician according to his word just tobelieved that you're cured by god's power to pray more ,there's a powerful from god,because all the virus it's not true , that was a bacteria infected from the radiation so that they killed so many people around the world ,to decrease population , at least to many millions dead already. We pray all people of the world, that everybody save our life. In god we trust. Thank you lord our Pres.Donald J. Trump he is cured by the holy spirit that Jesus Christ ,is our physician inthe name of Jesus Christ our lord our saviour.

  9. Mary Ann Cabrera says

    As I believed our Pres. Donald Trump only the prayer warrior from all over the world ,has praying that god giving incredible power from god he doesn't fear what the man made ,giving a fake threatening to all people around the world ,this is terrible bacteria infected from the rediation, all over the world ,and I believed the faith of our Pres.Donald J. Trump he is healthy because ,god give a rare medication from god that haven't recognize it. So our Pres. Donald J. Trump just know about knowledge of wisdom can cured him ,if you believing power of almighty God. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow him.and his all physician has been healing was marvelous work for mystery. You cannot above the law of God, what ever god want to do for our Pres .Donald J. Trump god and him know about it he's blessed that's all.

  10. Veezo TV says

    IT'S GETTING WROST!!!? 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  11. ha ha says

    its far too soon to know the extent of his sickness. chances are hes falling apart behind the scenes. i think its worth mentioning we had a president who had polio and still tried to appear healthy. gotta wonder why trump is pushing certain pharmaceuticals so hard too, by name…

  12. Jordie Cruyff says

    Nancy pass the 1,6 trillion dollar stimulus, mr president does need the house to pass the stimulus, but Nancy doesn’t mind blaming trump and play politics. She doesn’t care the 1.6 trillion is now off the table, she only cared about her partisan counter proposal, adding even more money.
    The stimulus cheques for families and the stimulus for small business are essential, pass these clean bills Nancy, add more from your wishlist after November’s 3th if you’re so convinced you will win.

  13. Barbara Roland says

    My 21 yr old grandson had it said he felt very weak temp but now better dexamethasone is use for asthma MS Lupus Lime COPD inflammations problems low 02 levels can happen for all kind of reason asthma copd meds I wear o2 your levels can fall but if you get near 93 it just mean its low but in the 87 or so it is a problem so if he was 93 no big deal if he had stay low like in the 80s would be a problem Thank god he is better but some of the meds have some nasty effects that he still might be dealing with moodiness irritablity short temper insomnia His statement he felt better then he had in 10 years its the effects of dexamethasone
    you will feel pain free have a lot of energy

  14. G M says

    ! Finely Republicans Reveal who they are

  15. UB20O8 says

    Trump'ı tedavi eden UB20O8 O8 oksijen solüsyonu büyükelçilik kanalı ile Türkiye den gitmiş olabilirmi acaba ?

  16. HiYa Pal says

    Show some respect to his title. Its President Trump.

  17. Andrew Souther says

    Also get the BreatheEasy Lung Exerciser to quickly tone breathing muscles and open airways. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  18. seeni gzty says

    Theres a lot of medical professionals in the comments.

  19. Eddie Hoppe says

    You are a bunch of clowns

  20. Patricia Dudzik says

    Why would we believe you

  21. Zed Cartwright says

    Why is he not taking the hydroxychloriquine that he tried to push on the public as a miracle drug? Yeah just another lie.

  22. Clean Green says

    He looks and sounds fantastic today. What a survivor. Don't let fear control you.

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