1. Taniela Tuinaceva says

    Can't bear the stupid music

  2. jeff kershaw says

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  3. Abel Vergara says


  4. Deazz Peath says

    Hahaha bad acters, bad story and bad movie waisting my time

  5. Chris Creaser says

    'Low budget movie',But ENJOYABLE in the UK…. 🙂

  6. Kenneil Tingling says

    That's Police man is not a good person because he takes away the lady money

  7. Ben Consensino says

    cynthia rothrock is realy amazing martial arts actress

  8. Lebrun Peterson says


  9. Ceemfaj tswm says

    Policeman usually do stupid thing like this movie. This is give women a good lesson who betray the Husband. Don't you know what is husband mean.? If don't do good then you be band band like this movie dude.!

  10. Deep’s journey says

    Name of movie

  11. Tamika latty says


  12. Alexander The Great says

    One of My favorite female martial artist when i was a boy…Cynthia Rothrock..U the female version of the "Rock" and u still Rock..!!

  13. Orlando Montero Cipion says

    En español



  15. himashis barma says

    bandors nothing happened chol bandors inlogoko use korna bond kor nahito randis

  16. Piggot59 says

    So so cheesey ??

  17. Cleeford Bumahit says

    Dis s ah fake movie the pic s ah not uriginal

  18. Helina Venunye says

    Movie on fire ..love it


    Beatifull grill


    Nice movie

  21. Ashley Tkl says

    Missed China OBrien. Just stumbled upon this one and realized she's in it.

  22. Michael muriuki says


  23. imanasO emaliL says

    Thanks for sharing this movie!.it made my day!

  24. ND Ezenwa says

    I love ❤️ the movies

  25. Anet Garcia says

    Oldmovie even the actors no longer existed…all dead

  26. robert kairianja says

    Good movie from Cynthia I love this woman

  27. rosnani ani says

    Ising kan aku

  28. Judine Levy says

    Mad show

  29. Erik Jaeger says

    Give up the damn political adds every 5 munits please

  30. Dan Voicu says


  31. John Owiti says


  32. Fr. Andrew Werunga, flp says

    It's what someone would love to watch on a Friday night.

  33. BET TOY says

    Old principle.

  34. Kenneth Nadatani says


  35. Stephen Mwenda says

    I like cinthy movie because she acts seriously

  36. Fly Oz says

    Geez whats 20 slots worse than Z grade acting

  37. Charles Ooko says

    I expected more from Cindy with her fighting skills

  38. Janice SEMAIA says


  39. zamiwe ndhlovu says

    Nice movie I have remembered good old days at school

  40. rowiworld says


  41. Ravindra Singh Bhambral says

    lousy acting, but story okay

  42. Lourcia Douaa says

    فيلم رائع جدا يستحق المتابعه شكرا لك.

  43. Andre Green says

    Who is watching this movie now ??

  44. Najma Begum says

    16 mins in and recon this will be a interesting movie. Poor Anna.Ooh, eye for an eye! Them music reminds me of the 80s. Miss them days!

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