Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Hengsha: Construction Site [Combat] (1 Hour of Music)


1 hour of extended music from the construction site in Hengsha. The video shows the scene around Malik’s destroyed helicopter after Belltower soldiers blew it up.and the aftermath of the battle. The music features the base hardfight theme and an ambient+hardfight mixed theme.

Music composed by Michael McCann

Thanks a lot for watching! If you have any questions or requests please feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. САLIMBO ГГГ says

    love how you've strewn bodies all over the place ?

  2. Евгений Бульба says

    Saving Malik was never more intense

  3. oil flask says

    I'm a pure stealth player, and the in game soundtrack always added to the tension…pure gold."….there's no way someone could get in undetected-"Jensen: "I just did." poker face?

  4. m3 gt2 says

    yeah i was so frustrated to see malik on the chair in harvester hideout…

  5. Alvaro Acosta says

    This theme is sick bro! I allways save Malik to all cost. I love to activate the John Wick mode of Jensen and kill everyone. One of my favorite part of the game. Thaks for this!

  6. Rob Nickerson says

    Human Rev ambience/soundtrack is an absolute gold mine

  7. J. T. says

    Looks like Portland ?

  8. Gaming Ambience says

    It's always a privilege to come back and work on a HR video, it's so damn enjoyable hearing this soundtrack and exploring the environments.

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