Developing with the latest privacy changes in Android 11


With each release of Android, we are building an increasingly privacy centric platform by reducing the scope of permissions and bringing users more control. Sara talks about how you can develop privacy-friendly apps with the latest features in Android 11, and provides you with best practice tips and guides that will help developing privacy centric apps easier.

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Sara N-Marandi

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  1. Manish Patel says

    Very clear explanation 🙏

  2. Swapnil Jadhav says

    Everytime Android introduce new feature they we as developer have to think about is it compatible with previous API level or not. Android should take responsibility of compatibility.

  3. J Bennett says

    The "extended time" for revoking should have a option for how long – a day, a week, a month, etc.

  4. Marlon López says

    For Sara N-Marandi, have you seen or read about the Android's runtime permission model explained by Nick Butcher some time ago (?) if so, is there updates about that ?? link video:

  5. Michael Choate says

    I just want someone to make it impossible to accidentally DELETE ALL OF THEIR TEXT MESSAGES. I'd love for my phone to ask… "You are about to DELETE ALL OF YOUR TEXT MESSAGES. Are you really, really sure you want to DELETE ALL OF YOUR TEXT MESSAGES FROM EVERYONE!?!?"

  6. neil u says

    what about file permissions for access to one folder of files vs access to almost any file in any folder ? does that exist?

  7. MrElectrifyer says

    Instead of terminating Clipboard Managers in the name of privacy, give us permission controls for access to our clipboards! Or is scroogle too afraid of users blocking their services from copying our clipboard content?

  8. shuvo chakma victor says

    Fist comment 🤣🤣

  9. User says

    The only way to compete ios is to update the android device . Just write this on blank paper this is truth and here the google lacks.

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