DF Direct – Xbox Games Showcase Reaction: Halo Infinite! Xbox Series X! Commentary On Every Game!


What is Microsoft’s vision for the future of gaming – and how does Halo Infinite, Forza Motorsport and the power of Xbox Series X factor into the equation? Join Rich, John and Alex for a full blow-by-blow breakdown of the Xbox Games Showcase, with initial analysis of Halo Infinite, Forza Motorsport and the rest of a very strong games line-up. But what is Microsoft’s next-gen vision and what did we actually see of Xbox Series X?

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  1. SEiiBUTSU says

    The t-shirt with the three keys is probably, sadly, a reference to ready player one.Pso2 is ALREADY in the west on Xbox one.

  2. Milo Zabál says

    The best thing is bloodborne for Xbox SE . :s

  3. madmanjam_3 says

    The video Alex did explaining the lighting was poor. Such a lame excuse for a game that should be next gen. This video however just shows how disappointing the xbox showcase was. No gameplay, all trailers and nothing running on series X. From what was meant to be an all guns blazing event where phil Spencer felt good after the PS event. Was he high??

  4. asapcarell says

    14:38 funny that Rich would use Spider-Man as an example when the 2002 movie's teaser trailer was completely unrelated to the actual film.

  5. Mappy Bc says

    There is much stuff we still don't know about this analysis, like how much Sony gave Richard to be negative 100% of the time or why an in engine Miles Morales and obvious cgi Forbidden west were great but when MS does it for Stalker and Everwild is terrible.

  6. Nick C says

    Private Division are the publishers for The Outer Worlds – Its still Obsidian making the game/DLC…

  7. CyberThug1080i says

    Xbox Series X is Better.

  8. moo cow says

    Microsoft has certainly snapped up some good studios but it feels like most of the stuff in this won't be ready until years in the future

  9. TsunaTsurugi says

    Wait… that they dont push Ray Tracing is good tho. Its my greatest fear that next gen consoles AGAIN will be stuck at 30 FPS because they push ray tracing just as an marketing thing.

  10. No Grey Areas says

    Wow is this Richard Leadbetter from Mean Machines Magazine (UK based) back in the day.

  11. PONGbyATARI Tim A. says

    Streaming this on my i10+ at 1440 60fps considering its an older build and designed for the original Xbox X I believe the final product will look and play incredible Microsoft will deliver in the end.

  12. Jono G says

    I thought no ray tracing was present in the demo

  13. rambo a says

    I remember when halo was good

  14. dyy Fethiiyhn says

    2:31 ?

  15. dyy Fethiiyhn says

    Craig the halo meme Microsoft down 3% after the event… mic drop event ?

  16. Claudio Montufar says

    Microsoft it is…. its just bad for us gamers… Df “lighning” shit… cmon…. have u guys played mgs4??? Shadow moses shown as ps1 graphics and then shown as modern graphis just to exploode the nostalgia…. DF is dead… go ahead an pay for service, mobile games… just not fuck with the industry.., bye

  17. Pablo Fernández says

    "Yeah but at 30 fps" – "It doesn't matter". Wtf was that, that was borderline fanboyism there.

  18. Broc says

    38:08 This lady needs to calm it down with the hand gestures! It was so distracting during the presentation, I had no idea what she actually said.

  19. Master Chief says

    You guys sound so bummed out.

  20. Lauren Hosford says

    FPS fantasy from POE guys & Fable are top of my list. Ive always maintained the opinion that both consoles are being rushed as is the case with the majority of launch titles. 1.5 to 2 years down the line, forcing a "pro" / "enhanced" console on us. One glimmer of hope have is so far i have not seen any liberal application of film grain so far on gameplay demos.

  21. samal90 says

    in the end, Halo Infinite is a xbox one game that will get a little pretty makeover for XSX. But I don't expect this to be a staple of next-gen power.

  22. Miguel says

    55:00 to be fair they said this was just going to be showing games prior. No hardware or features stuff

  23. Will Bradley says

    The cynical bias is oozing from these guys.

  24. Walking Dead Now says

    Great clip ??! As a current YouTuber, I am on the lookout for fresh ideas! Nice Job!

  25. Kampf Katze says

    Breaking News: Microsoft limits the purchase of the Xbox Series X to 99 per person to avoid stock shortages. The hype is real !

  26. Kevin Richardson says

    Digital foundry after this review I have lost credibility for your Chanel and most of us worldwide have . I live in Jamaica and the event was nothing but lack luster halo infinite had no particle effects or reaction to wats happening such as no shadows from enemies and master chief also no response to when bombs are thrown on enemies its as if nothing was thrown no eminent danger and also u mentioned pop ins but didn’t go in depth as to how terrible it is also when master chief throwing the bomb u don’t see it in his hand but it’s just miraculously thrown . To save your credibility I suggest u make a follow up video to clarify because a lot of your viewers are getting the feeling that ur being paid by Microsoft to cover up dwl

  27. Fort Worth Raised says

    I like all the critiques except for complaining about Microsoft emphasizing cross gen. Money doesn’t grow on trees and we can’t ignore the fact that millions of Americans are un/underemployed at the time.

  28. Chust says

    47:06 the light and the shadows, YES PLEASE! ?

  29. canned soup says

    people dont want e3?get ready for more of this bland trailer to trailer type presentations with slim to no gameplayis nintendo even a thing anymore? i gradually stopped caring about that company when they quit their E3 conferencesno e3 is actually so bad for gaming but people are blind

  30. nalong55 says

    Good ol' Creepy Alex in the video.

  31. Luiz Fernando Souza says

    I think Halo just looks like a… Game Pass game.

  32. Ummer Farooq says

    Bad idea to give it to a French company. It's like France is robbing

  33. Ummer Farooq says

    A Nintendo switch mini game had better afternoon asr lighting!ダメ匣 – da mei kushigeTranslation:Useless box.

  34. Mareo187 says

    Xbox have a huge management problem and they are clueless of what to deliver not just their core fanbase, but also the to what the consumers wants from them. They can easily fix this issue and build better relationships with Asian developers etc if they add certain people to both board directors and advisement/overseer team: Robbie Bach, Reggie Fils-aime, Jack Tretton, Andrew House, Shawn Layden, & Peter Moore. With their unique mindsets combine together they can easily build relationships with the gamers again, sort out the Xbox brand issues: when to show specific titles, delay them to build up the quality that their fantasy wants(not the idiotic fanboys on either side), and found what developers have the understanding formula/talent to build a perfect game for both classic and original ips. Plus Shawn and Reggie have massive positive relationships with the Japanese gaming side of the industry(Shawn knows how to speak Japanese that's a major ➕)

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