1. Marcia Minter says

    Now this lady is classy she is a real goat!!!!

  2. Courtney Williams says

    Diana mom was not born a slave lol tf

  3. Peter Haynes says


  4. Camille Laudé says


  5. ajgd 001 says

    diana tem voz parecida com a de ellen hoper da saga aliens mas completamente diversa da personagem ficcional por não ter a vocação de lidar com monstros selvagens.

  6. Paula Eldredge says


  7. Tara Peterson says

    I love ❤️ Diana Ross but Florence Ballard started the group her & Mary Wilson

  8. Straus Davis says

    I like it that she worked very hard, for what she has earned. She then husbanded her money, and made it work for her. She is her own woman, "The Boss". I like this. This is am amazing hard working woman, and a wonderful mother. Case in point: What person of Diana Ross statute, and well known as she is, that has 5 children, and all seems to have turned out reasonably well, especially in the business that she is in. She did something right! You might not like her singing, that is okay….You don't get to where she has, without hard work, and paying attention to what you are doing. She is a survivor. I consider her, number 4, on the list of my most admired women…My mom, Addie Lee Anderson. Number 2, Gladys Marie Grooms, Number 3, Lucille Ball, Number 4. Diana Ross, and Number 5. Charlotte Hill. All these women, have one thing in common. They all very hard working woman….And I love them all. They all are gone but 1…Guess Who!

  9. anna zielinski says

    Never liked her. Baton Rouge ……

  10. lcp Tacky pipe says

    🍾🍾 beautiful sister

  11. Kevin Peck says

    Full of inaccuracies.

  12. Honey Bunny says

    I would love to see Diana Ross do more things

  13. Rosetta Bosley says

    Get that Money Tracey

  14. Coolalien says

    Can you please do one of my favorite Thomas and Friends narrator, Alec Baldwin?

  15. Dr. Peter Nanos says

    Would like to see a video on Kate Beckinsale

  16. David Barthel says

    An amazing success story. I was looking at those old clips from Ed Sullivan which I saw in real time.

  17. Roger Brown says

    Touch me in the morning or any other time if you so desire.a real superstar make no mistake. I have most of her Los and singles. Rog. Pacific sunset records.

  18. Carlton Campbell says

    Never forget in 83 in central park after getting soaked in the rain storm and having to ride the train with the air condition fully blasting

  19. Jackie Smith says

    I love Diana Ross and Tracey! They are both so talented and absolutely Beautiful! Love the mother and daughter relationship!😍🥰❤️💐💐💐

  20. John Paulson says

    One of the very BEST

  21. Edson Alphonce says

    This is just insane https://youtu.be/v0b_x2gvXtg

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