Did Samsung Fail Me Again? – Note 20 Ultra Review


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I gave up on the Note 10 right after I reviewed it for a number of reasons, but can Samsung’s latest Note 20 Ultra change my mind? Let’s find out.

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  1. Arturo Teran says

    When linus brought up the iris scanner my heart broke. Ive heard so many reviewers trash it but it is so reliable and fast and so so convenient. Especially in a time like this


    I regret buying the s20, its not as good as expected

  3. Zeer Zizo says

    Nope, the Pixel doesn't take better photos whatsoever, at least compared to this model of the note series …the Pixel photos have too much contrast which is annoying sometimes and the selfie camera is too sharp to the point that it highlights every default in your face! Needless to say that there isn't a wide angle camera which is the standard now in every brand out there, and the video quality is subpar as well (imho).

  4. Naveed Ahmed Kazi says

    Note 9 is the Last Legendary Note !

  5. Michał Rawluk says

    You should make a video about Snap vs Exynos.This issue is joke for europe buyers.Even with no exynos to compare hands on, you still could raise an issue

  6. Vardhan Shrivastava says

    That Note 9 is turning into the Lambo

  7. Pavlos Constantinou says

    I am so buffled that you never try a xiaomi flagship device which is better

  8. YosnaH says

    someone who finally appreciates the iris scanner. luv it

  9. Bboy_duck says

    it is a fail againrandom lag overheat for no reasonbad cameraperforme like shitand no headphone jack

  10. powder77777 says

    S series sucks after s5.

  11. Martin.a says

    The phone looks boring….

  12. Ritesh Garg says

    I think, note 10 lite is better than Note 20 and note 10 with almost same features

  13. Chef316 says

    How about the bump on the old Nokia Lumia 1020

  14. Yeruchum Dear says

    6:11 I don't have these options on my note 20 and I'm on the latest version

  15. Earnist Se says

    waiting for s20 fe

  16. surajit dutta says

    Best sponsor shoutout ever😂

  17. tommy lee says

    Its good phone for $900 nothing more

  18. pollotuerto says

    Tried it, battery drains at a whooping 1% a minute on 120hz mode. Looks gorgeous though.

  19. Stephen J says

    You buy a Linus sponsor spot and he ends with "Their bad people with good stickers". Ouch lolLove the videos.

  20. Dimka K. says

    Watching on my Galaxy Note 9 and I'm happy with it.

  21. Tony Paulazzo says

    Here in the UK we get shafted with the Exynos version: Worse battery life (by hours), hotter, slower and more expensive (by about $400), so yea, no thanks Samsung.

  22. Boba Fett says

    samsung galaxy ass 20

  23. Luke Wilkins says

    Digging the bear Linus

  24. Garth says

    The fact that you’re wearing an Apple Watch tells me all I need to know

  25. Ayaan K says

    Linus's son 8:13

  26. Schnuffelpuff says

    Idk what Samsung is thinking this year. I'll stick to my Note 10+

  27. astera00 says

    Does everyone really have that many issues with accidental edge activation on curved screens? I've never had that issue on my S6 Edge Plus and still really like the curve and customizable menus that I can pull up from anywhere. Still using it because phones have been pretty boring for a while now (starting to get interesting again though). Miss the air gestures on the S4 though.

  28. John Guevara says

    Kinda looks like a Sony Xperia

  29. Flaming Hedgehog says

    Samsung has become even more retarded. Nope, not getting my money for that much bloatware.. $1,800 in Au! bwahahaha that's an unfunny joke

  30. Flaming Hedgehog says

    What is the call quality like on speakerphone?Now drop it..

  31. KingofBS says

    I'm with you, Linus! I'll just stick with my awesome Note 9 until something worthy comes around. I have 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage so I have no need for any of these ridiculous "flagship" phones.Well, until something happens to my beloved Note 9. God forbid!

  32. dualShock says

    You say that pixel 4 camera is better than the note 20 ultra. Which is not the case it goes back and fourth. Your reviews are really confusing. Even if pixel 4 has a better camera it misses on a lot of the other good stuff which to you are even more important than the camera. Pixel 4 camera is miles better than your 2 year old Note 9. In short you didnt give any reason for not upgrading except for probably making you look cool with hey Im saving money.

  33. LegitPancake says

    No, they didn't fail you AGaiN because your not their only customer Linus :/

  34. LD R says

    Linus. I love what you put out, but damn, man. The beard has to go :))

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