Diecast Rally Championship (Event 2 FINALS) Hot Wheels Car Racing


This video is intended for diecast collectors and racing fans 13+

3DBotMaker Diecast Racing League, the home of 1:64 diecast sports action racing.

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Diecast Rally Championship Racing
DRC 2020 Event 2 – Finals

Featured cars:
#1 – VW Polo R WRC
#2 – Fiat 500
#5 – Ford Escort Rally (Gold)
#8 – Ford Escort Rally (White/Blue)
#20 – Audi Quattro
#41 Toyota Supra
#99 Subaru Impreza WRX
#398 – Morris Mini

Answers to common questions:

How do I become a driver?
Join the 3DBotMaker Diecast Racing League Facebook Group: We have contests at the beginning of each event.

Can I send in a car to race?
The only mail-in series we have is the King of the Mountain modified car series. Cars must be modified within a specific set of rules. Visit www.3dbotmaker.com/kotm for more details. Any other cars sent in may or may not get used. No guarantees.

Why am I watching this?
Because it’s awesome, and we made it for grown-ups like yourself. Kids want to see bright colors and sharks but not you. You value the attention detail and realistic ambiance that bring these races to life. So congratulation to you for having such good taste.

Where can I get some of that sweet MERCH?
Go to (Please be aware that 3DBotMaker merch may increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex…or is it the other way around? We’ll get back to you on that)

What is that wide track you are using?
It comes from the NASCAR Crash Racers set made by Adventure Force.

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3DBotMaker Shop: Building your own Diecast race track? Need a start gate or connectors? Visit www.3dbotmaker.com/shop

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  1. Pepsi Man says

    2:33 lmfao someone fainted in the crowd

  2. MarkNiceyard says


  3. Dr. Fist says

    12:01 Here's another look at the finish line cam

  4. Doom Chap says

    small SPOILER

    That race with Steven king getting pushed over by Justin was my favourite race of this series so far.

  5. judgetheritehand says

    I love the commentary.

  6. Rogetta 999 says

    Who needs Dakar having this 😍😍

  7. Hencat2k says

    The people who disliked this had no childhood.

  8. Talha says

    At 600 years old ı wasnt thought toy cars cant affect me but this is perfectiion

  9. Marlon Salvador says

    so Awesome race thanks DRC Go Stepen king so Amazing 🏆🎉WOW I Love it 👍❤️

  10. Earl Eubanks says

    Been a bad day until I started watching this go kid!!!

  11. hern rods says

    Jajja my first ever comment on yt, but this incredible races are way in an espn thing jajaja and the comments of you to are really past wrench ajjaja keep on the great job, It was like hour and a half of pure fun¡¡¡ thanks.

  12. Red Step Stacker says

    How do you do this and by the way the set that you designed is amazing and I know

  13. Mario Põldoja says

    This was intense

  14. Astonvman007 says

    Oh God I have no idea why I was at there're of my seat but man I had fun!!!

  15. duhg McDuhgal says

    I've seen it all. My. Life. is. Complete.

  16. George Bayliss says

    I think this channel is meant for kids but I don't care.

  17. Andy Hernandez says

    And I'm so f**** good

  18. Ezio Auditore da Firenze says

    This was far more enjoyable and intense than I ever expected.
    The previous 3 rounds ending in this spectacular final was a great experience. 😃
    Thanks 3Dbotmaker 💪👍

  19. kala sanjay says

    the muderer of mqglyde is here

  20. Jacob Swierczewski says

    Yo, this shit so good, I watched a 2.5 minute ad

  21. K Trout says

    This is the best YouTube channel I think I have ever spent time on. Thanks guys

  22. Jeremiah Davis says

    this all happened on my b-day!

  23. Schultz Romain says

    This is still the best rivalry we've ever seen, amazing performance, amazing show delivered by those 2 drivers

  24. Karthik says

    You simply cannot write this shit!!! I can't believe it…put my money on 4 cars in the first event and one of it won…and then Rooting for Steven king from the start….and then hwle wins like this…This day can't be more Beautiful!!! Thank you for this 🙏🙏🙏❤️

  25. Justin Robben says

    It's not even remotely close to hyperbole to say that the continued drama that transpires in the finale is just… bonkers and perfect and rousing. One ridiculous event after another that you couldn't script any better. Tremendous, riveting, bravo!!

  26. Blake Williams says

    This is entertaining as hell

  27. R P says

    What is the track?

  28. Christiaan Brummer says

    Should have kid come try again if it was so close

  29. Timothy McCormick says

    That Reverse finish @ 11:32 from Steven "Superman" King…. reminded me of Paul Walker's character 'Brian' in 2Fast2Furious… when racing with Rome down the interstate… throws his Lancer in reverse at 55-65mph, sticks his hand out the window and gives Roman the finger… LOL…

  30. Marco Tech1 says

    This was an awesome finish, I was on the edge of my seat! Keep it up guys 👍🏼

  31. Erik Wobst says

    This. Was. Freaking. Incredible! Never in my adult life I tought of having so much fun and excitement watching toy cars. You guys rock!

  32. Michael Watson says

    Great racing,brilliant commentary this is better than F1 any day

  33. ka troops says

    steven king .. go hahaja

  34. Bearded wizard says

    This is so exciting

  35. Marcos Verli says

    “Superman” Steven King is the new fan favourite



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