Dino Rush iPhone Game – Official trailer


We have just released a major update of Dino Rush and it’s now FREE! Get it now :

More info:

Help feed Dundy! Nemoïd Studio has just released it’s new iPhone game Dino Rush! You play Dundy a cute dino who needs to eat all the food he can find to survive!
Jump over obstacles, grab all the crazy bonuses and get as far as you can in the game!

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  1. Howard K says


  2. Miss Ruby Red says

    2 0 1 9 ?

  3. The Sonic Echo says

    all I wanted was this on android :((

  4. Vinícius Astonish says

    AN, AN!

  5. Bread And Butter says

    ive gotten to water

  6. lorkshun says

    It's basically Yoshi in Donkey Kong Island.

  7. Ben McGregor says

    ive only gotten to the dessert level

  8. boyran says

    i have a droid, but i want this game!!

  9. DoSomethingify says

    please make this the freeapp of the day. please

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