Dish Antenna Setting With Android Mobile Phone App. Satellite Direction in a Few Second.


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SatFinder, dish pointer, Quick dish Aline, Tv satellite, Dish antenna Satfinder

SatFinder Transponders is a tool for satellite dish alignment to help installers with finding a satellite direction and satellite frequencies.

You no longer need to search for desired direction, just choose your satellite from a list and take a look at all parameters which will help you to setup your dish. It is very convenient for an installation place choice and set up.

Also you can look at all available satellites for your district in real time.

This program is a transponders (frequencies) data base of all TV/RADIO satellites in the world. You can easily find a satellite parameters.

• Azimuth, Elevation, LNB Skew angels for the desired satellite

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    where I set My mobile? upper side of the dish, where, how i fix mobile?

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