Dish Network Sucks (except for making grilled cheese)


2hrs to fix!!! This happens all the time, along with purple screens and choppy sat feed!!! Plus your watching something and the channel changes to 100, dish home!!! Prices keep going up and the channels are crap unless you pay the expensive price!!! WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!! Atleast my dish receiver can make a toasty grilled cheese with all the heat it puts out!!!

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  1. FirstZachAttackDVD&Blu-Ray Openings&More says

    The Music Here Comes From DISH CD – Plaza (CD-21) Channel 970

  2. FirstZachAttackDVD&Blu-Ray Openings&More says

    Song Here Is "A Furiosa (Maxixe)" By Los Angeles Guitar Quartet

  3. FirstZachAttackDVD&Blu-Ray Openings&More says

    The Music Here Is Nice

  4. Lame gamer 18590 says

    The perfect grill cheese music

  5. Tesco says

    When the DISH bill comes, you feel sad.When you feel sad, you start to think of ways to be happy.When you start to think of ways to be happy, you make friends.When you make a friend, you feel happy.When you feel happy, a storm comes.When a storm comes, your friend's house floods.When a friend's house floods, he dies.When he dies, you feel depressed.When you feel depressed, you start a shooting.When you start a shooting, you get shot.When you get shot, blood leaks out.When blood leaks out, you go to the hospital.When you go to the hospital, you die of blood loss.Don't die of blood loss.Get rid of DISH, and upgrade to DirecTV.Call 1 800-DIRECTV.

  6. sailorman says

    Dizh SUCKS !Dropped them twice.They dont fucking care.

  7. shadowman3861 says

    dosnt have to will loose your signal if its cloudy.Dish sucks ass.

  8. Minex5585 says

    Just get directv

  9. Zachary Reynolds says

    It is A Furiosa by Los Angeles Guitar Quartet.

  10. Zachary Reynolds says

    OMG just heard this song on Dish Network Channel 970 Plaza.

  11. TheBambam2371 says


  12. Josh Gener says

    I used to be a dish rep but i got fired…let me tell u something for peeps that have dish…GET RID OF IT seriously!! I have dish service and I dropped it…when I worked there we never tell customer about the business price changes that we're coming up and make u guys feel surprised…I have Netflix and Huluplus and saving tons of money lol…so as a dish rep…well i used to work there GET RID OF IT SERIOUSLY!!

  13. Stucknarutt says

    If you work for Dish, you are a Stupid Son Of A Bitch for letting people know it,you fucking Jerk!! Dish is the absolute worst and most overpriced big company there is and should be shut down!!

  14. Matt92 Machine says

    Dish sucks dick. Had it for 3 months and hated it.Signal problems all of the time. I've had Directv for about two years now and have lost the signal only a hand full of times due to weather. Directv is a much better value than Dish in my opinion, but with this Viacom BS, Directv is going to suffer along with their customers through no fault of their own.

  15. pat shepherd says

    you shoud get xfinity they have nick rewind on demand and the have the muscical guest on it they dont have it on dish

  16. Andy Debrallin says

    i am another DISH customer representative, and i can tell you all, if you have Dish, CANCEL IT! you are nothing but pawns to dish, you get the worst service and worst priceing, the hd signal is low and weather fucks up your signal. CANCEL IT AND GO TO SOMEBODY ELSE so that the customer service at directv receive your stupid calls

  17. Mrcomputergeek1 says

    The channel changes to 100 when theres a EAS alert (i'm just guessing)

  18. JohnHardThomasMisterGame FourthEarlOfTheSandwich says

    get timewarner cable or what ever you have in your area

  19. eldestgecko says

    Get direct tv!!

  20. MichaelBearwalf says

    Looks like a crappy installation, IF it's installed wrong… it can be a pain in the ass…

  21. mountainman530 says

    @michaelmike05 Haha, there is a filter on your pc that will only let you go to "G" sites that contain no profanities, and you gave yourself away by saying "we only provide the channels" That garbage comin outta your mouth makes no sense! Go watch cartoons, just cause you work for a company don't mean you have to defend their crappy ways (*;*)

  22. Dirtbag Daryl says

    "As quick as possible" Yeah, if quick means 2 damn years. Dish fails.

  23. MichaelBearwalf says

    I canceled my account one year ago, today I found out they charged me for a full year… when I called them.. they admitted it was canceled but wouldn't refund my money… they're jokes.

  24. RUCKNIGHT says

    i run into this problem occasionally. when i do, i call dish network and ask them if there is an issue on their end. if not its an issue with the system. they will give a straight answer. i also get a screen that says "we are sorry for the interruption of service, there is no need to call us we are working to get your programming back, but you can still watch your non local channels" blah blah blah. when thats the case, 90% of the time its the lnb. give dish a call, they should straighten it out

  25. mountainman530 says

    @stupieboy Ya your name says it all !!! It wasn't a broadcast problem because the whole network was down which means it was Dish network's problem. You probably work for them posting comments like this!!!

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