Dish Network Update about Fox Regional Sports Networks blackout (July 26-30, 2019)


This is a Dish Network customer update announcement regarding the Fox Regional Sports Networks carriage dispute.
On Friday, July 26, 2019 at 12:00 noon eastern time, Dish Network has dropped 22 Fox Regional Sports Networks.
With Warren Schlichting, Executive Vice President of Dish Network
For more information about Fox Regional Sports Networks blackout visit
– Fox Sports Arizona (Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Nevada and Utah)
– Fox Sports West (Southern California, Hawaii and Southern Nevada)
– Fox Sports Prime Ticket (Southern California, Hawaii and Southern Nevada)
– Fox Sports San Diego (San Diego County, California, Imperial County, California, Coachella Valley, California, Southern Arizona, Hawaii and Las Vegas Valley, Nevada)
– Fox Sports Carolinas (North Carolina and South Carolina)
– Fox Sports Florida (Florida, Southern Alabama and Southern Georgia)
– Fox Sports Sun (Florida)
– Fox Sports South (Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky and Mississippi)
– Fox Sports Southeast (Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, parts of North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee)
– Fox Sports Indiana (Central Indiana)
– Fox Sports New Orleans (Louisiana, Southern Alabama, Florida Panhandle, Mississippi and Eastern Texas)
– Fox Sports Detroit (Michigan, Northeastern Indiana, Northwestern Ohio and Northeastern Wisconsin)
– Fox Sports North (Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota)
– Fox Sports Kansas City (Kansas City, Western and Central Missouri, Iowa, Eastern Nebraska and Kansas)
– Fox Sports Midwest (Eastern and Central Missouri, Central and Southern Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska)
– YES Network (New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania)
– Fox Sports Ohio (Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Southwestern New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania)
– SportsTime Ohio (Cleveland/Northern Ohio, Central Ohio, Southwestern New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania)
– Fox Sports Oklahoma (Oklahoma)
– Fox Sports Tennessee (Tennessee, Northern Alabama, Eastern Arkansas and Northern Mississippi)
– Fox Sports Southwest (Texas, Arkansas, North Louisiana, and Eastern New Mexico)
– Fox Sports Wisconsin (Wisconsin, Northwestern Illinois, Iowa, Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Eastern Minnesota)

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  1. charly parker says

    Dish needs those channels back

  2. Denny Corgey says

    Disney is the one at fault here, I applaud Dish fighting this.

  3. Mario Rodriguez says

    Just switched to this service a week ago because Directv who I prefer over dish was charging me almost $200 after my promotion price ended of $89.99 a month ??‍♂️ aren’t we supposed to get these channels for free since they are local channels anyway??

  4. Zeafer Jones says

    I was upset until I heard the explanation but it does make sense.

  5. Joni Wendt says

    This is ridiculous! We were promised when we went from Direct TV to Dish that we would not lose any of our sports channels. Then we found out we cannot get the Twins any more. Today I get back from out of town and cannot watch the Vikings. What the hell. I don't care how awful the demands are. Figure this out and do not punish your customers for your shortcomings. This is biting off your nose to spite your face. Fix it or lose it! Goodbye Dish, it was not a pleasure!

  6. Flash says

    Tell us what the unreasonable demands are. Why not let us decide IF we want to pay INSTEAD OF DISH?

  7. Carolyn Stevens says

    I miss my St. Louis Cardinals, and will miss my Pacers, ready to switch.

  8. Darlene Nielsen says

    Give me my channel back or refund my money

  9. Barbara Mannon says

    I will be going to another server because i will not miss the Seahawk games on fox. I watch fox so much and this is wrong. I may take this opportunity to possible drop cable all together. Get hulu and other options.

  10. Jean0987654321 says

    Fuck Dish

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