Do I REGRET Switching from Android to iOS? 1 Year Later!



1 year ago, I made the switch from Android to iOS. I wasn’t too pleased with the performance of my current phone, and as I’d only really used Androids, I decided to see what the iOS side of things was like. This has been documented on this channel in the form of reviews and vlogs of all the different phones I’ve tried after this year on iOS, and so today I thought I’d talk about my experience switching from Android after a year of user experience…

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My equipment:
Camera: Panasonic GH5 (Used Panasonic G7 on videos up to Sept. 12th 2018 )
Lenses: Canon 17-40L, Panasonic 12-60, Helios 44-2
Microphone: Blue Yeti, Rode VideoMic
Computer: 2017 27 – inch 5K iMac
Editing software: Final Cut Pro X/Premiere Pro CC
Music software: Logic Pro X with Omnisphere

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  1. Sem Tristan says

    Great video brotha! Definitely love the energy and your honesty! Definitely subscribing!! Keep up the great work!!

  2. Ahnaf Rashid says

    Whats on your nose?

  3. FSTR JoArAp says

    why switch if you have both.. ??

  4. Παναγιώτης Κολλινιάτης says

    U can also try to jailbreak and ur free to do anything u want

  5. Krystian Sęk says

    that's a useful video but I personally think you talk to loud 😀

  6. vicryf says


  7. Topedo Workshop says

    Is that a booger in your nose?

  8. Page Industries Inc. says

    Well I got the best of both worlds. Got an iPad Pro 10.5 and a Samsung Galaxy A50. Love both devices for their own unique purposes

  9. Demitri Bolkas says

    If you lasted a year; you have entered the dark side. Your android experience was on a Samsung. That ain't a very good standard of Software

  10. Без имени says

    Both phones are unique. I have samsung and apple phone, there's some features in each phone that one doesnt. Samsung for work and Iphone for social ;p

  11. Kalp Kumud Kumar says

    I was iphone user for almost five years i changed to andriod 2 years back , but i miss ios very much and will move to iphone 12 now ….

  12. Eddy Posadas says

    Love the video, android has high specs but apple’s CPU’s make up for it

  13. ByZaha123 says

    I use iPhone ?

  14. Musthofar Abdullahi says

    Blah blah blah blah…. I've heard this multiple times before. And I will always say this "y'all way too minimalist to be and android user" like look at you.??‍♂️

  15. Jaish Latheef says

    Ohh crap! I'm here with a budget phone from 2018 cost $299, I'm hoping to get a new phone next year.. I'm planning to switch to Apple. But I can't really afford them. ?

  16. onemonkeys says

    On the… side of things x1000000000000

  17. Marshall Cohen Carter says

    Alot android enthusiasts hate on iphones for their specs on paper but what they dont see is what is behind all that. They give you a certain vibe, one you cant get from anything else. The elegance and longevity you get is unmatched, theyre more or less an everyday status symbol.Also why the fuck do you need that much processing power on your phoneits a fucking phone, god damn it.

  18. Mark Binder says

    You can't really compare Android to iOS unless you are using Google's Pixel line of phones. They are the only phones with "pure Android" and, yes, that really does make a difference in performance. This is why I only buy Google Pixel phones. Just like the iPhones, Google makes the software and hardware for the Pixel line which makes them very optimized.

  19. ABC EFG says

    Great disclaimer. There's no perfect phone. I choose Android over iPhone. Beside the the reasons you said, i like USC C and lot of choice for android. I like big screen phone without the high cost.

  20. rishabhchawla says

    There is no file expolere and no folders for the files, no OTG support that's what keeps me away from buying iPhone

  21. Richard L says

    Solution is to jailbreak the iPhone. Best of both worlds.

  22. Gsm Tips says

    Happy with IOS

  23. JessieSkyWorld says

    The good thing with the iPhone, you can always customise your icons and that’s pretty much it. Along with the widgets coming in the new update.

  24. Abdul Aaqib Mohammed says

    that nose is so distracting me from the content of this video. no offence please!

  25. JC26 says

    Biggest downfall of the Android phone. Accidental touches on curved screens. Yes there are flat screen androids. But not on many flagships.Also not utilising the space inside apps. You get more information on one screen with an iOS device than Android with the same screen size.

  26. VQ iamgiant says

    I been on the android side for years and I want to try something new from the IOS side but i love my samsung so much and it is hard to let go.

  27. GRIZZLY 95 says

    i like to have both and carry one ios and one android

  28. shun says

    Me tooo a have an iphone 5s last year but i lost it and now i regret to have an android and i switch again to ios and it is so worth it

  29. Harry Hudson says

    I had an S8 and I jumped to an iPhone 11 and bloody hell… it’s a breeze. I personally only ever wanted good battery and longevity and it was perfect and it’s perfect 😀

  30. Theresa Nicole says

    I use to be someone who switched between the two a lot. But I had an iPhone 7. Upgraded to an s8 plus and regretted it after a couple of months lol. Been back with iPhone ever since ??

  31. Azlan Lan says

    Before this I'm using iPhone 11 pro max and S8 Snapdragon since 2017 until 2020 no laggy but I'm switching back to Android especially my S20 ultra Snapdragon wow so far Android is the best than IOS bitch copied Android widget euwww

  32. Reset says

    I switched to apple too and to be honest I have not really noticed the difference both iOS and android end up doing what I wanna do so yea it’s just as you said personal preference

  33. Kunwar Pratyush says

    so we're not gonna talk about the switch reference in the thumbnail?

  34. zinedine Zethro says

    Android Users: ANDROID IS BETTER!IOS Users: IOS IS BETTER!Me: owns both sides

  35. Wex says

    I never really got the point of people wanting to constantly customize their UI… At the end of the day, our phones are portals to the apps we use to make our life easier. I couldn’t think any differently, but that people are bored and they expect to combat that with changing their icon shapes and what not…

  36. Andy Paul says

    I have noticed one thing on iphone is that when you send picture esp on whatsap that you have taken from iphone the quality remains so high than when a samsung photo i dnt know why?

  37. PranP says

    I only bought a S10e because of the extremely competitive price…otherwise I would've gotten an iPhone XR ?

  38. William Holm says

    Wtf is on his nose

  39. Daniel Tan says

    Switched from the Oppo F9 to the iPhone 11?literally fking life changing and the purple colour is so cool

  40. Sireesh Anasuri says

    Don't blame whole android based on shitty Samsung devices.

  41. Benjamin Scherer says

    Oh is that a Mous case!!!

  42. Silivan Munguar says

    I think longevity is as a result of major performance improvements between Android model. So they don't really slow down, the newer models get way faster each year due to Android optimization their skins

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