Doctor Reacts to BIZARRE Facebook Health Posts


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I’ve taken a look at disturbing health posts showing up everywhere from YouTube to TikTok, but today I decided to take a look at the source of a lot of the internet’s medical misinformation: Facebook. What I saw drove me up the wall. Quiet a baby by pressing pressure points? Heal muscle soreness by walking barefoot? The dangers of a red tongue?! Don’t believe everything you see in a Facebook video, and definitely don’t share it unless you can verify it’s TRUE!

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-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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  1. the lamb sauce says

    Actualy my dr said that i need to eat more slated food in order to fix my blood pressure and i do eat some sugary food in order to balance it out

  2. AISHI LAHA says

    Hello Mikhail! I've recently come across your channel, and I've gone through some of your videos. It's really great how you interestingly explain concepts. I'm an Engineering Student so, I was not much into this Medical field after high school, but your content is going to definitely improve the quality of knowledge in basic medical science, which is good to be aware of! I had a query for a very long time and this video reminded me of that. What happens due to the consumption of Cannabis? I know there's a lot of controversies but I want to know scientifically, the physics behind it all.

  3. Gemma Simons says

    00:38 he said increase anxiety instead of increase energy

  4. jp says

    didnt know how jacked he was till he said 200+?

  5. ace choi says

    0:40 Dorkiest side of Doctor Mike. I still respect you though, doc.

  6. Quinn Appleby says

    The dance has been proven to improve memory in some cases due to having all the individual moves and the coordination and doing it in time with the music

  7. BlackPes says

    Keran ppl im i right doc

  8. Wong Eggyork says

    Pressure points work tho

  9. BarelyTsunami says

    Did Dr. Mike get younger…..?

  10. BarelyTsunami says

    What about sleeping in a hammock?

  11. DAMION AMODT says

    I mean my dad is 57 and is fine yet he drinks it like water and he never gets drunk from it he just says he likes the taste of it

  12. ladymammoth says

    I know this is late but studies have shown exercise that requires thinking ie. dancing, climbing, team sports… does improve your memory

  13. Jill Hammer says

    is it "BEEWOOP" or "PEEWOOP"

  14. awkward alpacca says

    Antivaxxers really are murderers killing there own kids due to their stupid beliefs but yet they vaccinate there pets.

  15. Lil _hotdog says

    My dad has one kidney

  16. Ducky G says

    7:20 me watching this as a borderline alcoholic ???

  17. Anita Ahr says

    yo i gotta question, why when i drink vodka i get a headache but not with whiskey

  18. AOTUA says

    Wait… Alcohol, a poison, is poisonous?!?

  19. b b says

    I know how to cure hangover. When u drunk too much the sodium is being decreased. If you come at hospital cuz u too drunk, you will get water mixed with salt. You will wake up feeling like a new fresh person with a little bit of guilt. But since you guys are Americans you cannot go to the hospital, bc it cost you money. Loosers. You therefore needs to drink buillon before going to bed really drunk. You might want to have a pee blocker in your bed aswel. I know this bc I tried. BOTH methods.

  20. Benjamin Wagner says

    You look like David Henrie

  21. GoldenTurtleGaming says

    I guess thats why i cant sleep on my side. I am a skinny af?

  22. Visitor123 says

    7:34 that is how I sleep…. it's extremely comfortable

  23. Saphira Dragoon says

    As a person who does meditation and uses grounding. (It’s part of my spiritual practice) it SHOULD NOT be an alternative to real medicine. Although it has some calming benefits please if you are sick see a professional and take actual medicine. Mediation and all that isn’t a cure for everything and the things some people suggest should be taken with a grain of salt as well.

  24. KDS says

    As someone who sleeps the 'correct way' in the thumbnail I can tell you that it sucks, your stomach and chest are sore after doing it for afew days

  25. Brandon Brandon says

    he has a macbook

  26. gaglet says

    what is true or not, he’s a bellend

  27. Bubbibjoern says

    80% of autism is inherited. Anti-vaxers: "That means 20% is because of vaccines".

  28. Annie_bo _bannie says

    Ok by I'm dancing now

  29. Umar Baig says

    you didn't mention the pillow that is under the junk it will suffocate it and also make effect the sperm production. 4:12 try these sleeping position.

  30. •Desi_Does_Gacha • says

    0:43 Dr. Mike dancing is the most blursed thing in the world.

  31. fluffy the jammer aj says

    0:35 Health benefits of dancing boost memory him something flexibility re something strength increase energy improve balance and postureMe: tries to dance for 5 seconds gets tired cloudy memory runs to bed lays on pillow screams into pillow because don't know what to do because can't dance even though in their imagination they can AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHWHHWHWHWHWHWHWHWHWHWHHWHWHWHWHWHWHWHWHWHHWHWHWHWHWHWHRHRHHRRHRHHRHRHRHWHWHHWH Ugh I'm just too young for thisI would have read the whole sentence in the health benefits of dancing but I couldn't read half of it because of dyslexia yay Anybody knows a way how to cure this please tell me LOL

  32. Jara Hufnagle says

    My dad had kidney cancer and now he has 1 and he’s fine

  33. Noah Evans says

    Is it normal to curl your legs up into a ball when trying to fall asleep??? By the way I love your videos

  34. addie says

    I WAS BORN WITHOUT A KIDNEY I ONLY HAVE ONE LEFT(get it cus it’s my left kidney)

  35. Blackdragon04 says

    5:53 alcoholics excuse for drinking

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