1. Savage Madness says

    That steroid guy always beat me at level 3 when I was younger

  2. Victor Felix says

    Just downloaded it from eshop

  3. Ionut Mitrofan says

    Thanks mate!

  4. Robbert van Amstel says

    O MY G '' What a feeling" Yeahhhhh i like this.

  5. Otouto72 says

    So will I brother. =)

  6. supershinakuma says

    thanx 4 that man! i thought i was an alien before, always keepin these lil songs in my mind 🙂

  7. OneMagazine says

    Oh man! Thanks for posting this! I absolutely loved this game, still have it, think it's time to dig out my old, old Game Boy and play some 🙂

  8. Otouto72 says

    @TheZyvibe No problem, just sharing my passion for video game music that's all. =)

  9. TheZyvibe says

    goosebumps , all over my body. thanks you for the amazing flashback i just had :'3

  10. GUSTAVTT says

    @Otouto72 auhdasudhasdhauhd you're right, man

  11. Otouto72 says

    @artelfic And that is one reason I upload these crappy videos……the memories. =)

  12. Otouto72 says

    @GUSTAVTT Hmmm Megaman with this tune…….it could work.

  13. GUSTAVTT says


  14. Bubble Gum Chef Icarus Naga says

    @Otouto72 No offense, but, DD holds more than a CANDLE to PokeMon. Besides, you CAN'T hair pull in this game, I don't think…

  15. WookySnacky666 says



  16. Otouto72 says

    @xJORDAN99x Yep this is superb, one of the better versions.

  17. Otouto72 says

    @andybuck532 LOL! I got Pokemon Blue Edition with my Game Boy last month and I couldn't get anywhere with it! Frankly I don't think I got anywhere with this game either =) But I'd take this over Pokemon anyday myself!

  18. Andrew Buck says

    better than pokemon ever was

  19. Otouto72 says

    @chrysmania you can't do it on an actual game boy but you can if you have an emulator in options. With an emulator you can also get roms for free including Double Dragon 2 and 3.

  20. Otouto72 says

    @demierre Yeah its a very good rendition of the classic theme! I love it!

  21. demierre says

    wow that song is amazing!

  22. chrysmania says

    how can u have double dragon 2 and 3 without buying theme because i just finish the game today it take me 7 year to finish it i was 5 at that time
    heu cn i ask you a question how can you change the color of the game mine is green i want an other color

  23. Otouto72 says

    @ultimategamer1457 I indeed have Double Dragon 2 and 3 on my hard drive ready to be uploaded =) Stay plugged they're coming! =)

  24. Shoe Fly says

    dd rocks …head butt ,elbow ,punch,kick… cool 🙂

  25. Otouto72 says

    @jboypacman This seems to sounds oood no matter what the console =)


    Ah a classic!

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