Double pendulum | Chaos | Butterfly effect | Computer simulation


A system is considered chaotic if it is highly sensitive on the initial conditions.

If a system is chaotic it doesn’t mean that it is random. A chaotic system is completely deterministic. Given enough time and precise initial conditions of the system it would be possible to calculate precisely, how it will evolve.

Given enough time, two identical setups, set to initial conditions that are as identical as possible, will look entirely different.

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Overall render time: ~ 45 hours

Programs used:

– Cinema 4D (3D animation)

– Adobe Premiere Pro (Editing)

– Adobe Animate (Thumbnail)




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  1. Think Twice says

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  2. Demian Correa says

    Kid: Literally DiesOompa Loompas: 1:30

  3. What is this says

    no one:red dot: to the left to the right

  4. Obrad Mirkovic says


  5. Babalu sp says

    Edu do Rio ??✌️

  6. Flamengo campeão says

    Edu do Rio ??

  7. Ate Ritz Vlogs says

    You are such a hamble person. I admire your skills.

  8. xXxBladeStormxXx says

    What a beautiful video! Perfect music and animations. Thanks!

  9. Rajat Chopra says

    The music is blissful ✨

  10. TheDoritoBoi says

    when you have to calculate a similar system at an instantaneous moment in time in your dynamics class… mmm tasty cross products

  11. Laila Albuquerque says

    Thank you for helping me rediscover my love for learning about the little things around us :)))

  12. Rylac Zero says

    Hmm, the undiscovered hidden dimensions at play

  13. Mathematical says

    This makes me wanna cry as a physics student.

  14. Bianka Feher says

    Who knew chaos could be so relaxing

  15. omniscient omnipresent says

    Mmm…The dots are made of dots

  16. Tom Russle says

    What about triple pendulum?

  17. soulofbass says

    Where can I watch that multicolor pendulum without the blackout effect? It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

  18. aryan shetty says

    It may be chaotic but all the circles are intersecting each other at some point. maybe we could derive something from that.

  19. Pretty Penguin says

    1:54 when the dots are in the dark, does anyone else see the motion paths? are they actually there or is it an illusion?

  20. Linus Behrbohm says

    I think it would have been more insightful if it didn't turn dark. Although it does look nice.

  21. Moonwatcher says

    Excellent visualization of the simulation!!! And, needles to say, lovely background music selection. Thanks for this post.


    Now this is quite something

  23. Yash 2223 says

    Fourier series PTSD

  24. CHIN KEE HAW says

    You should make the difference in position of each pendulum very small so that we can feel more of its chaotic nature.

  25. bm842 says

    Although it is chaotic, is there a period of time for the 12 pendulums after which there will all be gathered together again ?

  26. O ' Fresco says


  27. GamingWithFun15 says

    1:39 that would make a good screen saver

  28. gudtlr alqns says

    for math and computer sim of coplanar double pendulum, see

  29. Marcos Lourenço says

    It's possible to measure the chaotic level of a system? If so, could this be related to the entropy of this system? And finally, it's possible to an already chaotic system becomes more chaotic? In this case, is possible to reach a limit? Btw, thanks for the video.

  30. Wed Alsallom says

    This simulation is sooo good

  31. Anthony Richelle says

    What are the math behind ?

  32. cammiecookies says

    Jevil would like to know your location

  33. You Know Who says

    What about triple pendulum

  34. A guy in a hood says

    Chaos butterfly and jester hat icon makes me think of something that but I just can’t put a finger on it

  35. forSaturn says

    0:55 When I dislocate my arm.

  36. CD Player says

    How about if you put the 2nd pendulum like less than 1mm apart from the first? How different would the results be?

  37. BlazingLemon says

    Nice job

  38. root-localhost ./myslql says

    Nice, but not full

  39. Lori Witzel says

    Triple pendulum

  40. im bad at my job says

    Hey how did you forge my signature so well? This.

  41. YinYangar says

    By the way, Ted Ed used this animation in their turbulence video, but no credit could be found.

  42. pic44 says

    Hey – it looks like parts of your animation were featured in the latest TED-Ed video about turbulence ( ). Too bad they didn't put a link to your channel, though.

  43. Wizardinchik Trodon says

    This animation was used by TED Ed's video about turbulence!

  44. David Cotand says

    Not sure if you've been notified or not, Ted-Ed have used this video in their Turbulence video without giving you the credit.

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