Down Under – Music Video [SFM TF2 Remix]


You asked, i deliver. Here’s the full, animated ‘DOWN UNDER’ music video! 🙂

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Original Song by @SharaX Official

This is not just an extended version of that music video part of , IF TF2 WAS REALISTIC 3. I’ve added and changed a lot of scenes. I AM A PINK PONY GOD!

Enhanced Spy model by Alexe – GREAT MAN! He makes amazing models ALL MY SUPPORTERS – You are the best! 💚

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  1. DasMxD says

    You asked for it, i deliver.
    Soupscribe for more content and BIG THANKS to all my supporters!
    I also got Twitch. Watch me play TF2 or suffer in SFM, LIVE.

  2. Gabriel Daniel says

    Is this copy righted because i want this as my outtro song and i will credit you

  3. Dylan Farnes says

    Demo be like P O G

  4. Kiefer The Gibus Demo says

    1:01 there’s a Demoman with two eyes in there somewhere…

  5. Abombpatron425 says

    I build dat

  6. Tony McMahon says

    Me when there's an exam i make my class believe I speak different language: demoman sounds

  7. LePi and his Luger says

    "building a tank"
    me as a german: Interessting…

  8. Juanescastel says

    Mah favourite Tf2 song 🙂

  9. Abombpatron425 says

    The best song in existence

  10. Jafar Cataluna says

    I wanna rap like demoman too

    Teace me demo.teach me the ways

  11. Emi King says

    2:12 spy sappin my
    2:12 spy
    2:14 let’s make it straight to the point
    2:17 gonna stab you
    2:16 I’m
    2:18 gonna stab you
    2:16 I’m not gonna
    2:20 filet you like a salmon
    I tried ;-;

  12. ZOzzy Be LikE says

    He is a pink pony god

  13. group 935 says

    How it's gonna feel after 2020

  14. Keep Calm says

    Where did get that unicorn staff model? 2:06

  15. Gnotoast says

    Me when mann up

  16. Borys Bartłomiejczyk says

    I must learn how do do zis

  17. Leśny Zagajniczek says

    demoman part is the best thing i ever heard

  18. 01 Sebastian Luciano Agulto says


  19. Joot Man says

    Tank going up

  20. Tony McMahon says

    I Am A pInK pOnY gOd

  21. Tony McMahon says

    Best song ever and good animation,son.

  22. senhor bigodon 2 says

    O que eu sinto quanto quando sobrevivo a um ataque massivo

  23. Romeo Gallardo says


  24. Jane Vasquez says

    This is one engineer who don’t need no pybro

  25. Jane Vasquez says

    What’s better down under or right behind u?let me know

  26. Jane Vasquez says

    Both of u stop!im the prettiest unicorn god

  27. thezman9001 says

    Damn, Demo can scat…

  28. Ralf Söker says

    So Spy is cuter than engineer and why did he say darn,is it cuz hes gay or what and this is a drunk man with a bottle in the ass

  29. Shedow _Fokx x says

    Музон клас даже никто несмог так использовать звуки дэмомана

  30. WMGB Alexander Cole Gutierrez says


  31. WMGB Alexander Cole Gutierrez says


  32. Robin_da_bub says

    Somebody : you can't make music this a burp

    This madlad: aight 😏

  33. Kovac theSaggy says

    Con, con c-con, Delager Delager, con con c-con, Delager Delager."

  34. Daedric Blitz says

    Dont see a lot of people remixing with Drunk Demo 10/10

  35. kaanturk123 plays says

    Spy sus he zapped.

  36. Wyatt Whitehorn says

    That was the wrong coke

  37. Sludger ALT. says


  38. Zach_The_Engineer says

    After I first heard this sing I was mind blown I love this song cause is so silly and all but I like it

  39. quinn hasse says


  40. Lautaro Rosaschi says

    this remixes so good it's addictive
    thanks sharax :3

  41. Дадуш says

    if that don't work use more

  42. catalin oprea says

    Wooooow good video song

  43. Vecinalfish Pac says

    Imagine how much autotune he had to use for engineer

  44. Pauetti Fargas Negro says

    So this is what LSD does?

  45. murat afşaroğlu says

    No one can say anything its soo good

  46. Noob1 Saibot2 says

    Man what the hell did I take?

  47. Death Machine says

    it is beautiful

  48. Ice Tide says

    Engi, stop sniffing the glue

  49. Amber Masson says

    I love this music video

  50. Andrew2cool says

    It has come to the point in 2020 where this is normal.

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