1. Praveena Kumari says

    Dr swamy the great

  2. Arahan alhaqiqat says

    Sir, DO WHAT U R DOING.We r with u. Every hindu should spend some time for prayer and read the "GITA" everyday . I Do. Hinduism is the only religion that supports other ideology. Monotheism has come from the "GITA". very few people know it. Swamyji I wish u a very long life.

  3. Mukesh Sharma says

    Dibang ke dimaag ka diwala nikal gya hai.

  4. s s says

    he should be our Finance Minister

  5. Chirag Moily says

    He is in RS o/

  6. rahul golait says

    if modi ji is lion then swami ji is the tiger ….))no one can try to defeat swami ji …))

  7. Kiran Kumar says

    In India we got congress party, reservations—A self destruction weapon..

  8. Anoop K Sharma says

    Swamiji rocks

  9. nikhil agarwal says

    he is the true role model for today's youth

  10. Manu Dev says

    Swamy Ji sahib, your are great. We respect you sir. Salute swamy ji. India need you sir.

  11. Sagar Biswas says

    debang ne accha bola , black money nehi hai!! ha haa!!

  12. Sagar Biswas says

    swamiji ,we are missing u. nice to see u fighting openly again against gadders

  13. sandhya000 says

    swamy ji aap 75 saal ke sher ho.long live swamy ji

  14. sandhya000 says

    swamy ji shouldn't be finance minister but should have PM of India.

  15. sandhya000 says

    swamy ji you are inspiration to so many pro nationalist youth of India.

  16. rahulroy29 says

    swami ji i am a big fan of you. i am from Bangladesh.

  17. Trupti Sawant says

    tough, straightforward and honest . our nation needs him .

  18. diepo patel says

    i love mr subramnyam you are the best and best from all iam proud of you

  19. shashidhar mishra says

    sir, hatts off

  20. p k says

    swamiji……you are the best………i am one of your biggest fans…………..i have also joined your Virat hindu sammelan………..whatever you say or do we are always with you…….

  21. Anand Shukla says

    you r great swami ji

  22. deepak garg says


  23. Utpal Das says

    great swamiji……keep it up

  24. आशुतोष मिश्रा Ashutosh Mishra says

    एक महान व्यक्तित्व

  25. na22 A says

    Grt need leaders like him

  26. Chunchu Kiran says

    we pray for your sound health and long health

  27. Nagaraj Angadi says

    Mr modi should consider swamiji in cabinet as minister in future days atleast

  28. Nagaraj Angadi says

    Mr modi should consider swamiji in cabinet as minister in future days atleast

  29. Nagaraj Angadi says

    I think roots of bjp would become more strong if they consider your suggestions

  30. Nagaraj Angadi says

    swamiji we love you to see again and again in any of the news channel s.you are one of my favourite leader

  31. vikr4m says

    Swami ji you are too good…lot of love and respect for you…I wish I can have you as my Guru…

  32. Vinay Garg says

    ABP NEWS knew that he can be handle by multiple presstitutes not single one

  33. Mina Pandya says

    sarji kya bole, Namaste.

  34. AeZEDem Azeem says

    As usual no surprises from swamiji, same style, same content However, he is undeniably VERY EDUCATED, VERY INFORMATIVE, CRYSTAL CLEAR IN HIS CONSCIENCE AND VISION, ALWAYS WALKS THE TALK, FULLY DARING AND DASHING PERSONALITY. ALL HIS ASSESSMENTS ARE BASED ON SOLID PROOFS, AND THE FUTURE OF CONGRESS IS CERTAINLY DOOMED. 100%. BCOZ…, the huge cache of data and info, Swamiji possess against Fraudulent perception of Nehru, Indira, Sonia, Rahul, Wadra is spreading like wild fire… predominantly due to the recent boom in Internet technologies and social networks. The Indian diaspora is simply getting flat 'lock stock and barrel' on any byte from swamyji. And till now no congress stalwart has dare any presence online, either to refute or defend the charges. HAVING SAID THAT HE STILL REMAIN FLAWED WITH MANY SHORTCOMMINGS. For example ;-1) He still believe that Hindu godmen like Asaram, and Puttaparty Sai are pious saints and victims of conspiracies. Even BABA Ramdev is Mahaan despite of him being accused of murdering his Guru, and poisoning Renowned Hindu revolutionist RAJIV DIXIT.2) He is totally blind to corruption by GADKARI, AMBANI,ADANI as emphatically exposed by KEJRIWAL. Infact he accused AAP as naxalites, and predicted ZERO seats in DELHI.3) HE DOES STANDS ON SOUND LEGAL GROUNDINGS AND AMPLE PRESSURE GROUPS TO BUILT RAM TEMPLE, AND THE MUSLIM CLERGY ARE FIGHTING A FUTILE CAUSE. 4)LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST, HE DOES HARBOR MANY MISCONCEPTIONS AGAINST ISL;AM, namely about the UCC CODE, ISLAMIC BANKING, AND SHARIAT, AND I THINK NOBODY HAS REACHED HIM TO CLARIFY EXCEPT THE SAME OLD STEREO TYPES.And his famous lines "that Muslims failed to convert whole India into a 100%Muslim country, despite of ruling for 800 years'' IS A HUGE LIE AND A MISDIRECTED PROPAGANDA. Firstly, the ARAB countries which Muslims conquered and converted were through the firsthand generation of Muslims. and the Invaders of India were many generations apart, and were hardly any MUSLIM themselves. Even the SUFI BABAS propagated their own new version of Islam. Even by that standards, still swamiji fail to notice that the ACTUAL ANCIENT INDIA WAS FROM AFGHANISTAN TO INDONESIA. Then MUSLIMS DID SUCCEEDED IN CONVERTING HUGE PORTION OF ANCIENT INIDIA INTO NUMBER OF INDEPENDENT ISLAMIC COUNTRIES, AND STILL POSSES 15% OF POPULATION IN HEART OF INDIA. However, whether all this happened by any MASTER PLANNING OR CONSPIRACY by muslims is utterly ruled out since no such proof exists nor any such personality was born here. NEVERTHELESS, IT COULD BE DUE TO THE INHERENT PROPERTIES OF ISLAMIC DOCTRINE ITSELF WHEREIN ALLAH HAS CHALLENGED THAT ISLAM WILL NATURALLY OVERWHELM ALL SYSTEMS, HOWSOEVER ONE HATES IT.

  35. worldonthetable says

    cabinate of india is incomplete without him

  36. harshit jain says

    hindu hrday samrat swami ji

  37. Abhey Negi says

    swami ji kisi ki itni nai liya karo ki vo chullu bhar paani mai doob mare

  38. Ganesh Jakkula says

    Sir, BJP people know how to use the people to come into power. you are Real Leader who represents our COuntrys Inheritance, you are the only hope to get rid of Foreign ruling in our country… Shame on Modi for not using your capabilities

  39. A.S. Sekhon says

    Shukar hai ABP news ne koe to aasha kam kya

  40. Veerabhadra Rao S says

    Swami is the ideal leader for India, I hope he will become finance or prime minister.

  41. Prabhat Singh says

    great man

  42. htgajjar says

    Corrupt Criminal Congress Party Paid Corrupt Criminal Indian Media questioning Dr Subramanian Swamy.

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