1. Yasuke says

    I'm gonna get it today

  2. flex jonathan says

    open eyes see greater things

  3. Ramonamayar Oger says


  4. No One says

    Just wish it was more open world and some more little hack and slaah enimies even though rhat wouldn't be cannon jusy wanted a slightly more GTA vibe dont gey me wrong i dont want dbz to be gta just saying world wise

  5. Johnathan Montoya says

    They need to make a game with all the characters from dragon ball to dragon Ball super …..

  6. King of games says

    How to ps4

  7. Fabiana G says

    I'm crazy to play

  8. Radikal_ 2489 says

    A este videojuego a que jugarlo en japones, el ingles un asco.

  9. Goku Black says

    Goku needs to take off his weighted clothes

  10. BravoDaKid says

    so there no multiplayer?

  11. The Light says

    What’s up with the battle scars yo why the characters just stay still for ever what I. The hell this is 2020 why the old stile game man this game has a lot of flaws I can point all of them out fast

  12. Koolaid says

    Will Dragon Ball Z Kakarot have blocked scenes on ps4

  13. Sarrow ShadowWolf says

    What is you`r name?plz tell usplz

  14. Tropical Wolf says

    Well this game also cover Dragon Ball Super?

  15. Gassic Hitek says

    They should make it online

  16. Addicti0nz1 says

    Piccolo can use Kamehameha?

  17. Addicti0nz1 says

    Supposed to come out December 2020

  18. Addicti0nz1 says

    I really hope they get this right

  19. Kaua Moreira says

    tá muito realista mano

  20. Jesús Miguel Gz says

    This man does know how to play, not like the other gameplays

  21. Gray A says

    Do I get demo if i preorder

  22. PVPFORLIFE says

    how do you get this demo

  23. arte_ art says

    It's coming out on my birthday and I'm getting it

  24. eric moon says

    Trash smh

  25. Jakub says

    You might not read this but, can you Switch the voices between Japanese and English?

  26. gonçalo Baia says

    Am I hearing the original japanese ost???Fuck it, I'm buying this

  27. Luiz Antonio de Oliveira says

    Esse jogo ta muito bom vei

  28. Aaron Malik says

    Hopefully this comment is seen. Fix the floating. If they remain on the ground for fighting thatd be pretty sweet. The whole everything in the air is kinda lame. That's my ONLY issue with this. Everything else is literally beautiful!

  29. Chocolate Cumblast says

    Imagine if they adapted the movie included battle of gods and ressurection f

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