Dream League Soccer 2019 New Game


Welcome to the beta test of Dream League Soccer 2019.
This video is about Dream League Soccer 2019 New Game v6.00 Beta Full Review with Android/Ios Gameplay.
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We havesome Dream League Soccer 2019 details to reveal. We’re proud to announce that the following features are coming to this season’s update:
– Updated team and player data
– New Events mode
– Improved Gameplay and AI
– Enhanced visuals and animations
– And even more…
The update is coming very soon, so stay tuned for more news in the coming days!

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  16. Alesandro Gostei amiga Filho says

    Quero esse jogo aí viu tem que abaixar para mim aí e manda para mim qual é o jogo

  17. سجاد الحجيمي says

    شلون أشتري فريق

  18. Akin Abib says

    I deleted my Dream League for years.And now I can't download it anymore, I missed it 😭😭😭😭😭

  19. Hagaibatam22 Hagaibatam says

    mulai2017 smpai skrng game ni sya mainkan

  20. MR'S BOMBARDIER says

    I finished this game 😀😂

  21. ارسلان محمدی says

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  23. Rino Hermi says

    October 2020 here? I love this game 👍👍🇮🇩

  24. Abdoul Aziz says

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    How to you got original Barca logo . Please tell . My English is so bad bro don't mind

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    Es muy bueno es lo maximo 👍👍👍👍

  33. Salma Mbelwa says

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  34. putra lampung Dwi says

    Kenapa di play stor Dream leguae soccer ni ngk ada krna apa setiap sy punya hp selalu game Dream ini yg sy Donwlod tp skrng ada sy bingung kenapa

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  40. Marcos Paulo says

    Como consigo ganhar moedas no 0800 ?

  41. Tuhin Reza says

    nice game iam playing the longe time

  42. Victor Vargas says

    El. Juego está chido pero ese que está jugando esta bien verde con esas monedas se puede hacer magia

  43. erick rasta says

    Level dah tinggi syang hp ke jual..ganti hp jdi dari awal lg😭

  44. Luiz kz xd says

    Já sou uns dos melhores nesse jogo

  45. Wellington Jesus says

    Saporra nem atualiza 😒😒

  46. Alexandre Leite says

    Caramba vey , quando q vai haver uma boa Atualização, de que os Narrador possam chegar a narrar o jogo em português ? Carambem em 😪

  47. Paul Emenike says

    Far better than the 2020. I'm enjoying every bit of it

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  49. Aventures Múltiples says

    Brother como se pueden tener monedas infinitas 🙏

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