Dubai Lifestyle City – Siena Villa Torre


Haute Living goes far beyond the walls around you. A home is a place to live and entertain but also a place to relax and be inspired by the best that life has to offer.

In a select community of premier accommodation modeled on the best of Tuscany, a spectacular range of cultural, athletic and spa facilities complement opportunities for gourmet dining and eclectic shopping. Dubai Lifestyle City will include world class sports facilities for tennis, golf and aquatics and with the exacting standards and services provided under the JW Marriott brand, residents will experience comfort and inspiration as they can nowhere else.

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  1. Ryan Gow says

    Ryan Gow
    It was finished but it has been completely trashed since the development was never finished! Very sad for such a nice villa to fall into ruins!

    Here is a video of it from two months ago absolutely trashed –

  2. Fatoom Bakhsh says

    Mashallah pray for me also I will get same to the house

  3. Anthony Howard says

    Very beautiful house thumb up!.

  4. Abeeha Ji says

    much beautiful

  5. Mo says

    l think 4 miliion dollar

  6. Natasha xo says

    This is just soooooooooo perfect!

  7. Faraz Rajput says

    what do you mean?

  8. Nedal Fayez says

    and wont finish

  9. abearstale says

    its not finished …

  10. Property For Sale In Dubai says

    very sweet

  11. afghan yam says

    Can i know the price for this house?

  12. Bean says

    I like it, how much is it in USD please?

  13. Möhamed Amín says

    i wanna live there

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