DWG vs DRX – Game 1 | Week 7 Day 1 S10 LCK Summer 2020 | DAMWON Gaming vs DRX G1


lck DRX vs DWG G1 W7D1 lck Summer 2020 – DRX vs DAMWON Gaming Game 1 Week 7 Day 1 LoL eSports LCK Korea Summer 2020.
LoL eSports Season 10 LCK Summer 2020 – DAMWON Gaming vs DRX Game 1.
Third match of the day – DRX vs DAMWON Gaming best of 3 game 1. DWG vs DRX G1.

DAMWON Gaming line-up:
Nuguri – Top Kennen
Canyon – Jungle Sett
ShowMaker – Mid Zoe
Ghost – AD Aphelios
Beryl – Support Thresh

DRX Line-up:
Doran – Top Jayce
Pyosik – Jungle Trundle
Chovy – Mid Camille
Deft – ADC Heimerdinger
Keria – Support Senna

Patch: 10.14 – Season 10
Game date: 30.07.2020 | 07/30/2020 | July 30th 2020
Game place: Online
Casters: Valdes and LS

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  1. EpicSkillshot - LoL VOD Library says

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  2. Random Dood says

    WTF DRX lost the touchCanyon: Where's Trundle? lmao

  3. InkWavve says

    Wait what?

  4. EpicTheSuperior says

    LS is just such a great caster.

  5. Sinvare says

    Pyosik was trolling this game.

  6. Nate Peer says

    What the fuck is Zoe.

  7. Bryan Cueva says

    The Best jungle of the world is Canyon <3

  8. Michael Geeff says

    This reminds me of that all female team they tried to push into russian pro league

  9. Michael Geeff says

    Is this what happens when you cant ff in competitive???

  10. Winter says

    I haven’t seen this many kills in a single LCK game for a while

  11. Burn Nick says

    14:42 – 14:46 wtf LS! lol

  12. Anthony Trumble says

    The wow mentions?

  13. Samuel Choi says

    Gentlemen, this is what you call a MASSACRE. This video should be illegal.

  14. Bleaster Pkmn says

    Love that Wow jokes ???

  15. Luan Dam says

    Chovy kda 060 Chovy call team 15 ff Team okay bro

  16. Sebastian Zetterberg says

    Why df didnt pyo back, instead runnin around like a fool with 100 hp 26:45

  17. Mai Momo says

    i feel sad for DRX and feel happy for DWG

  18. ManGan says

    14:45 Z OMEGALUL E moment

  19. Kenneth Arold Tan says

    DWG made DRX look like a bottom-tier team this game ?

  20. D Jackson says

    @07:15 Canyon kills Camille, then says "'where's Trundle?"' He's destroying them and bming.

  21. Jimmy yIK says

    I see Pyosik was doing his Broxah cosplay this game.

  22. Minsoo Bae says

    Drx has been picking hard engage mids as their aphelios counter and just relying on chovy being better than anyone in lane to make garbage matchups work. Turns out you can’t do that against players like showmaker. They need to come up with a better way to counter aphelios cause if it doesn’t work against showmaker it’s not going to work against Knight and the other LPL mid lanersAlso holy jungle gap canyon hard outclassed pyosik this game

  23. omar suarez says

    Hahahahahahqhq choky so bad even irom players wouldn't go camille mid

  24. Hariyama says

    God I love the noises LS make swhen he's casting

  25. Harrison Kleinpeter says

    Imagine the backlash that Faker would get if he went 0-8-0 in a game. ?‍♂️

  26. Blossom Sakura says

    Now THIS is a massacre

  27. Brian Ta says

    Fast ?

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