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MX Easy Cable Cover (Wire Mesh) – Cable Organizer helps to organize the mesh of your cables and wires systematically in one single cover. It is Easy to put and remove the cable. MX Cable Organizer is the easiest and most efficient way to reduce messy, cluttered wiring configurations.

MX Wire Mesh is available in 6 different sizes and colors

Step 1: Put the clips angled part in wire mesh.

Step 2: Now open the slot of the clip.

Step 3: Now put the cables in the slot.

Step 4: Now hold the wire mesh and cable and pull the clip.

Step 5: Now remove the Clip.

Step 6: All the cables are installed properly.

MX Unique Cable Organizer and Cable Management which helps to organize your mesh of wire systematically in one single cover. It is Easy to put and Remove. MX Cable Organizer is the easiest, most efficient way to reduce messy, cluttered wiring configurations.

Unbreakable, Steady flexible and Shock proof.

Electrical Wiring, Industrial Wiring, Home & Office Computers, Networking, Home Theater Systems and Innumerable Other Uses.

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