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Ready-to-use won ton wrappers are one of my all-time favorite “cheater” grocery store items. All you need to do is mix up some filling, and you’re ready to fill, fold, and cook. In fact, the hardest part of the operation may be deciding what to call your cleverly covered creations. Enjoy!

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  1. Mike Dannenberg says

    How about a seafood lasagna?? I you didn’t already sorry I missed it.

  2. Adam Stitt says

    I just cant express how much i love johns work. Please dont stop.. i literally watch these everytime i get in my feelings.. and he always helps me relax.. thankyou chef!!

  3. C. Kennedy says


  4. Christy Hernandez says

    Now that is worth trying. Yumm

  5. Martell Pickett says

    I just enjoy chef working as a cook this and other one help me to get really creative

  6. Cheri Miller says

    Can you teach me how to make the BEST escargot EVER! Thank you.

  7. Waddayatakamefor says

    03:05 pretty sure thats not a tablespoon…
    Lovely recipe though, I have most ingredients in the freezer, will try out for Sunday evening!

  8. Alex Calder says

    can I use jalapeno cream cheese?

  9. cam hamster says

    You are, after all, the Houdini of your cheat tortellini.

  10. Adam Welch says

    Thats right chef Jon got transitions!!!!🎉

  11. Beverley Nunes says

    I bet these are good fried

  12. BLONDDIEV 87 says

    Omg my stomach 😫 is hella growling

  13. Surya Raju says

    🙏🏼 Chef John, Can you please teach us to make *Cheese paste sandwiches*?

  14. itsruf1 says

    note to self: buy "cat food crabmeat" in a can at grocery store not premium crabmeat from meat dept.

  15. Andrew says

    I'm un-subscribering due to the youtube purge and censorship.

  16. Tuckcutter Tuck says

    Chinese refer to this fold as the golden ingot,and is said to bring luck to the eater. When full of crab these are very lucky indeed. Going to make this soonest.

  17. Nexiv says

    These look so perfect I will have to make them some day

  18. Joy Mae - Millennial Money Talk says

    I love crab and I love pasta and I love wonton wrappers

  19. August says

    you're the Steve Albini of your tortellini

  20. Fredrik Wickbom says

    I belive sum41 said it before the DJ did.

  21. Biruk Sisay says

    That's perfectly legal and ethical

  22. Bubbadeaux says

    For those of you who want to save tons of money by making your own creme fraiche: Pour one quart heavy cream into a quart mason jar, add two teaspoons buttermilk. Stir. Cover with a square of paper towel and secure using the ring only (not the lid). Let sit in a warm place for 24 hours or on counter. Replace paper towel with the lid to cover air tight. Put in fridge. Will keep for a couple of weeks, but mine never lasts that long!

  23. Jalbin Dolchey AR says

    That "creem freesh" just killed me.

  24. Clyde Perrine says

    This made my stomach growl. I really really want to make this. Only problem is my wife developed an allergic reaction to shell fish as an adult. She won't be able to eat what I make. Oh well, more for me I guess, but can someone be sad while eating crab?

  25. LydaMan says

    hello from Vietnam

  26. Mitch Hunt says

    2005 called, they want their transition back

  27. Gandalfs Mum says

    Watching chef John manage to catch all seven tortellini in the strainer in one go was incredibly satisfying

  28. Jace Kiburz says

    These are Sichuan chaoshou dumplings! My favorite way to use wanton wrappers.

  29. Ron Scurti says


  30. Mu Effe says

    Why not fried the filled wantons. Fried wantons in gravy is hella delicious.

  31. PixieTheDude says

    recently found your channel, really loving it
    question: i am extremely allergic to milk, and was wondering what in your opinion is the best substitute when needing milk?

  32. Vladimír Petija says

    "All killer & no filler" – quote of the year! 😀

  33. Jose Cordova says

    Not too shabby. I've been trying to figure out what to do with my won ton wrappers I have left over. Sadly, the worst part of me trying to experiment with my pasta dishes is the fact that my wife is an extrEAMly picky eater and sadly does not like cream sauces. I know, I know…hopefully our love will make our marriage last for decades to come lol My step-daughter however is always up for everything and loves pretty much whatever I cook. Definitely going to try this…with a tomato sauce though 😉

  34. Jae Play says

    the use of mascarpone / cream cheese makes me think of crab rangoon(which i still like alot lol)

  35. William Jennings says

    Thanks, the tortellini fold looks like an easy standby for homemade pasta.

  36. Anna Nguyen says

    Wow. Chef John just made me remember that I was that 14 year old making Parmesan truffle fries and crab tortellini with pea soup. So good but soo much work to make your own pasta dough and form the tortellinis.. the wonton hack might be life changing

  37. Soorian says

    Shame we didn't hear "you are after all the chef john, of your wonton"

  38. benchpress200 says

    I feel like Chef John is like Bob Ross in the 90's. I may not paint or cook much, but I'll still watch every episode for the soothing voice over, great sense of humour, and the beautiful creations.

  39. Matthew B says

    "I'm just filming seven of those, because that's one portion…" Chef John has not been to my house where, for me, seven is a good appetizer to at least a dozen of anything that involves crab. Also, doing this with spiny lobster I catch.

  40. Karimi says

    Cause you’re the Pier Paolo Pasolini of your easy crab tortellini

  41. Robin Leonard says

    Omg that looks amazing!

  42. Dude on a computer says

    You know that plate got licked.

  43. MurderMostFowl says

    Chef John, I got the round ones and am having trouble finding the hypotenuse 😉

  44. Laura Baumgartner says

    Could you come up with a Tex/Mex type of this? That would be good if a person was trying to make a unique type of this dish that would fit in with a Mexican themed pot luck or buffet meal.

  45. ssgtslick says

    Dungeoness crab nicer than lump Blue Crab? You, Sir, are no longer welcome in Maryland. 😉

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