eating healthy and working out everyday for a week (mon, tues, wed)


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eating healthy and working out every day for a week! I ate clean/healthy meals and went to the gym every day…

Part 2 will go up in a few days with the rest of the week! That video will also have the transformation results! Getting ready for bikini season b*tchessss

alfredo – Bayside –
Insta Models – Do It Like You –
Animus Volt – Tropicál –
Jeff Ponders II – Shakespeare –
Moses Stone – Gone (feat. Shwayze & Hero DeLano) –
Cults – 2099 –
THE WLDLFE – Towel [remix] –

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love you all to pluto and back, Hailey

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  1. Maryam Elbaz says

    Yo haily this video motivates me so much I NEED A PART TWOO PLEASEEE????

  2. Mr.G says

    Meat and chicken is the best source of protein. So your ass won't sag when you get older. Nothing is more unattractive than a chick with a saggy ass. No Cushin' for the puchin' IFk what I mean.?

  3. Anna Pan says

    I've already accepted that we will never get the second part of this video lol

  4. espresso maskin says

    Royal jelly is a bee product.

  5. Aniqah says

    Where is part 2 ?

  6. selin x says

    still waiting the rest of the week ??

  7. Ulas Onal says

    3:30 "MAKA" LMFAO

  8. Bryalee Holland says

    She said she don’t eat chicken but the eggs

  9. Diahari Kurnia says

    Hi I’m new in Youtube if you guys dont mind watch my Youtube video, thank you ??

  10. Caelyn Alexis says

    Hailey: I physically can’t walk down the stairsAlso hailey: walks down stairs

  11. joudy haio says

    where is part 2 of this video ! loved it

  12. Dilara Demirbag says

    What car do you have?

  13. Su Atlas says

    10:30 kızmızı biberle yumurta seven tek ben değilmişim mutlu oldum şimdi

  14. violeta rebuffo says

    Do a video training and eating live VS models for 2 weeks

  15. nela sawicka says

    uh where’s part two

  16. Candice Russer says

    Still waiting for Thursday, Friday and Saturday video

  17. fRESH says

    so girl you ain't a strict pescatarian. your way of eating is called lacto-ovo-pescatarian. much love xxoxoxo

  18. Jay M says

    Idk where the other half is

  19. Sandra Neamah says

    I can’t find part 2

  20. Sandra Neamah says

    She’s middle eastern??

  21. Jay M says

    Did she ever finish the video

  22. Zeynep Eroğlu says

    Yoga hurts

  23. Xenia Baskal says

    I thought you were vegetarian!?!

  24. Sarah Courtney says

    What happend to the curly hair It’s the same as before

  25. Andrea Sørensen says

    Waiting for part two, lol.

  26. Sreya VT says

    wish we had a part 2 of this!

  27. Kimmy L says

    Where’s part 2

  28. Evita Evangelica says

    wheres the part 2

  29. Kylie noyce says

    Everybody’s saying “you should go eco friendly forever” or “go eco friendly for a week” buuuuut why don’t YOU just go eco friendly forever or for a week?

  30. didi vi says

    Please make another one ????

  31. Lauren Cuppy says

    can you make a pescatarian recipe video? I've been pescatarian for over three years and I want to try some new things

  32. Seçil Yavuz says

    Bu tarz videoları Türkçe kanalın içinde çek lütfeeeeen ? ve Joseph’te olmalı onunla çektiğin videoda çok eğlendim Türkçe konuşması eğlenceli oluyor ??

  33. annette mayorkas says

    if you’re being socially conscious & helping the environment, you should definitely invest in going vegan!! it’s the simplest & one of the most effective ways to help the environment!

  34. Sophie g says

    when is part 2 coming?

  35. sevy says


  36. Andrea Bye says

    What happened to pt 2

  37. Uma Cook says


  38. her şey güzel olacak says

    hey hailey, where is the part 2??

  39. Ricky Chandra says

    Hailey hello many

  40. Aurora says

    I wish you didn't say middle eastern to a turkish habit. Lots of love x

  41. aesthetic vibes says

    omlete queen asdytrwdjxqty

  42. katelyn Faye says

    what happened to part 2 tho

  43. Evaa says

    When is part 2

  44. Régan Donielle says

    Part 2?

  45. sheentheexplorer says

    Influencers like Hailey please ❤️

  46. Nevin AL says

    eyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I have the exact same shorts!!!

  47. Y&S FOOD! says

    Fabulous video footage! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we really like to detect this sort of contents. We create Travel & Food videos too, across the world, and also we are always interested in inspirations and also concepts. Thank You.

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