1. Abdulkadir Abdallah says

    EBS channel is so spectacular!Glory!

  2. Keber Ethio says

    How can i see ebs in my smart tv I supscribed Ip world tv but ebs is not working but esat is working well please help from North America

  3. Keber Ethio says

    Please update your page

  4. mula geta gulle says

    Is this breaking news? lol

  5. Nate Brown says

    Wow what a breaking news! You should have waited a million years to break news. That may be a breaking news in your country but in the rest of the world breaking news will mean what is just happening dramatically as you speak.

  6. wineta Yb says

    @peniel943 u stupid heater ,sure u cant speak even half of her.first u have to go school and learn english .

  7. Menen Lemma says

    sami haha

  8. myyou1 says


    Typical Habasha humor.

    Aside from the humor – it is from wisdom to make your friendship and your enmity in moderation. You will never know who will become a friend or an enemy in the future — history is the best witness of this wisdom.

  9. Samuel Belete says

    really this was the breaking news? what make this breaking news? may be you have never learn ethiopian geography, but this has been knowns for long. this is so funny you talk about the oceon that could be created in million years!! lol

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