1. sadessaram says

    VPRO !!

  2. Jürgen Hahn says


  3. Snakolas Atlantis says

    amazing…!!you are genius…

  4. Ian Walker says

    SImply amazing.

  5. Myntmaster - gold & silver поиск для души !!! says

    Эх молодость,молодость. Вещь !!!!!!!!

  6. sunspark01 says

    Kelly was the reason I loved ELO–such a wonderful talent and such a down to earth
    man that really was a great asset to this great band.

  7. metaleggman18 says

    Holy poop. I get to revisit ELO since Flashback seems to have passed on some more excellent ELO songs. 😀

  8. Megadriver says

    This song brought tears to my eyes. Reminds me of the first time i heard it in my family's car on our way to the beach back in 1998. Time may fly, but songs like this will remain forever! ROCK ON!

  9. Connor Oliver says

    I only speak English and I'm from Canada but due to comments I see on every video of this I see the first think I think is "Intro van VPRO" 🙂

  10. Wijnand Renden says

    @Keijz74 The Duke of Iron van Sonny Rollins

  11. max says

    Du de du di duh.

  12. videoclog says

    Inderdaad! Het is vaak bestaande muziek die ze voor dit soort dingen gebruiken.

    De tunes van VPRO's "Lopende Zaken" bijvoorbeeld waren de Kálló Dubbel Dansen van Zoltan Kodály.

  13. Kim van der Steen says

    Intro van VPRO! Eindelijk gevonden! YEAH! 🙂

  14. UCRASH TOO says

    here is the news…..I would love
    to have a budget and make scifi
    movie to go with it. someday…..

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