Electrical Engineering Vs Computer Engineering – How to Pick the Right Major


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In this video I discuss electrical engineering vs computer engineering and how to know which major is right for you. Both these engineering disciplines share a lot of classes in undergrad. They both encounter circuits, electronics, programming, and plenty of math. Electrical engineers go on to take power, communications, and electromagnetism courses whereas computer engineers take discrete math, computer architecture, and computer networks. In terms of careers both electrical engineering and computer engineering majors can be qualified for many of the same positions. But if you are leaning towards something like power systems or communications then electrical engineering would be a better choice. Then if you are leaning towards computer vision or working on computer hardware, then of course computer engineering would be better. Otherwise you should do research because both these majors can work in a wide range of areas with a lot of overlap. In the video I also discuss computer engineering and electrical engineering projects that may help you decide which major is right for you.


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  1. Wetpig says

    I'm in the physics department of my university and studying Computer engineering. I kinda liked the examples for EE more than my own. But I feel as if I'll study all of these things, as it is a physics department.

  2. The elegant الانيقة TV says

    3rd year electrical engineering ??

  3. Ebenezer Hamadziripi says

    plz may you do electrical vs electronics engineering

  4. Harold Pura says

    Zach can you make video for Electronic Communication Engineering major thanks ?

  5. Nova Knight says

    I just want to become Ironman

  6. Real Beginning says

    I disagree over who uses less math. To be upfront, discrete math is not an easy subject as Calculus III or at least how I see it. I see Discrete math at the same level as Differential Equations even though both of these objects vary greatly on the topics. I think Both Electrical and Computer Engineers are both quite equally math savvy. Having experienced all of the lower division math classes, I would never say proofs is easier than calculation. But depends also for students. Some find abstract algebra to be easier than pure calculation.

  7. Gray Sun says

    Hey man, I would like to build keyboard synthesizers. Do you know which of the two majors encompasses courses that would better prepare me to build keyboard synthesizers? I appreciate your expert feedback. Thanks

  8. sonmere valdosan says

    im lucky im a seaman

  9. Aaron D says

    I think my school is a little behind in the embedded systems class. We still learned assembly VS C or C++ this was not even a year ago.

  10. Cringe-Worthy Attitude says

    Very informative if you don't know alot about both eletrical and computer engineering

  11. Noorquacker says

    Signals class: literally just Fourier"No calculus"

  12. Natanael Lucena says

    Really nice channel

  13. Vwap Trader2019 says

    Does anyone here have a girlfriend?

  14. Daniel Maluenda says

    You do a really great job in these comparisons. Not only do you state the differences, you dive into examples (for example, even though I don’t understand the math, you genuinely demonstrated the kind of math you’d see in both, and all the projects with pictures. Oh man GREAT video for sure, it helped me realize computer engineering is more for me).

  15. Leelahs Playhouse says

    Verify your electrical circuits on the go! Find: androidcircuitsolver/app.html

  16. mehedi hasan says

    Electrical best

  17. Abdrakhman Onabek says

    Hi there. Thanks for your videos. I want to work on computer hardware design. What options do i have ? Which engineering do i better choose ?

  18. DoGBroS INC says

    Which is best for gadget,robotics and drone

  19. ROHITH K says

    Can you do a video on electrical and computer engineering major

  20. JustaReadingguy says

    Since I got both EE and Physics degrees at the same time, I have to say the math in Physics was far more extensive then in EE. I would spend about 20 minutes in EE homework for each assignment and all weekend on Physics, at least for Quantum mechanics homework.

  21. UkuleleLover117 says

    My school makes us computer engineers also take electromagnetism?

  22. Frank Bob says

    Dude, thank you for this. I'm also watching your mechanical and electrical engineering vid, all of this info helps prepare myself for college. This is gold! You're awesome.

  23. Ajai Singh says

    Hey i just completed my undergrad studies in electrical engineering. And i would love to spend rest of my life working with life saving robots . For masters what do you suggest . Thank you

  24. Nidhin Benny says

    This might change depending on country, but here in Australia we don't really have computer engineering specialisations. They are kind of blended together to form electrical and computer systems engineering. We take the computer architecture and the computer networks classes on top of the other classes that were mentioned (in analog, RF, electromag etc). We do also get introduced to the basic physics of thermodynamics, fluid dynamics etc. The only thing mentioned in the computer engineering list that we don't do is learn Java or Python (although many of us complete final year projects in neural networks which often use Python frameworks like Tensorflow, so we kinda have to teach Python to ourselves). So if you're going into uni in Australia, take electrical (the best engineering major :P)

  25. Beaux Dup says

    Very helpful, thanks for your work!

  26. DoGBroS INC says

    Which engineer make mobile phone,laptop,and other device

  27. Nasri Jumaidi says

    I am a computer engineer, mostly our jobs are, system administration, Network Admin, IT specialist, we can also be a programmer, we do make hardware and software interface, like robotics, sensors, etc, we also understand electrical, logic gates, electronics, we do design circuits and computer base system. So what we need as a computer engineer is to get updated all the time, technology is updating.

  28. Mo RBD says

    CE student : I will make circuit without circuit.

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